Cantera  2.0
Deprecated List
Member Application::getUserEnv ()
Member Application::Messages::getUserEnv ()
Member AqueousKinetics::ID () const
use type() instead
Class ArrheniusSum
This class is not used.
Member Cantera::_maxTemp (_InputIter begin, _InputIter end)
Member Cantera::_minTemp (InputIter begin, InputIter end)
Member Cantera::_updateAll (InputIter begin, InputIter end, doublereal T, vector_fp &cp_R, vector_fp &h_RT, vector_fp &s_R)
Member Cantera::ntypes
This entire structure could be replaced with a std::map
Member Cantera::report (const ThermoPhase &th, const bool show_thermo=true)
use "" instead
Member Cantera::TRANSOLVE_TYPE
GMRES option is unimplemented.
Member Cantera::userInterface ()
Member ConstDensityThermo::m_expg0_RT
Member ctml::addBool (Cantera::XML_Node &node, const std::string &titleString, const bool value)
never used
Member ctml::addIntegerArray (Cantera::XML_Node &node, const std::string &titleString, const size_t n, const int *const values, const std::string unitsString="", const std::string typeString="", const doublereal minval=Cantera::Undef, const doublereal maxval=Cantera::Undef)
Not currently used.
Member EdgeKinetics::ID () const
use type() instead.
Member GasKinetics::ID () const
use type() instead
Member GeneralSpeciesThermo::modifyParams (size_t index, doublereal *c)
Member GibbsExcessVPSSTP::dlnActCoeffdlnN_diag_
Member GibbsExcessVPSSTP::dlnActCoeffdlnX_diag_
Member GRI_30_Kinetics::ID () const
use type() instead
Member HMWSoln::speciesMolarVolume (int k) const
The getPartialMolarVolumes() expression is more precise.
Member IdealGasPhase::m_expg0_RT
Member Interface::Interface (std::string infile, std::string id, std::vector< Cantera::ThermoPhase * > otherPhases)
While it's convenient to have the surface phase and the interfacial reaction together, this class doesn't satisfy the primary issue, which is one of instantiation of all the ThermoPhase classes that accompany a surface reaction. This is accomplished by the PhaseList class along with the ReactingSurface class. These classes will be migrated into Cantera soon.
Member InterfaceKinetics::ID () const
use type() instead
Member Kinetics::ID () const
use type() instead
Member Kinetics::m_rxnphase
Member Kinetics::phase (size_t n=0)
This method is redundant.
Member Kinetics::phase (size_t n=0) const
This method is redundant.
Member L_Matrix::mult (const doublereal *b, doublereal *prod) const
GMRES method is not implemented
Member Logger::env ()
Member MixTransport::getGasTransportData (int kspec) const
Member MultiPhase::updateMoleFractions ()
'update' is confusing within this context. Switching to the terminology 'uploadFrom' and 'downloadTo'. uploadFrom means to query the underlying ThermoPhase objects and fill in the resulting information within this object. downloadTo means to take information from this object and put it into the underlying ThermoPhase objects. switch to uploadMoleFractionsFromPhases();
Member MultiTransport::getGasTransportData (int k)
Member MultiTransport::m_eps_gmres
Member MultiTransport::m_gmres
Member MultiTransport::m_mgmres
Member MultiTransport::setOptions_GMRES (int m, doublereal eps)
GMRES option is unimplemented.
Member MultiTransport::setSolutionMethod (TRANSOLVE_TYPE method)
GMRES option is unimplemented.
Member Phase::getMolecularWeights (int iwt, doublereal *weights) const
Member Phase::m_stateNum
Member Phase::molarMass (size_t k) const
use molecularWeight instead
Member Phase::stateMFChangeCalc (bool forceChange=false)
Member Rate1< R >::m_const
not used
Class RefPressureMismatch
Member SimpleThermo::modifyParams (size_t index, doublereal *c)
Member SpeciesThermo::modifyParams (size_t index, doublereal *c)=0
Member SpeciesThermoDuo< T1, T2 >::modifyParams (size_t index, doublereal *c)
Member SpeciesThermoFactory::newSpeciesThermoOpt (std::vector< XML_Node * > &spDataNodeList) const
Essentially never used
Member SurfPhase::m_pe
Class ThermoIndexData
This struct is unused.
Member ThermoPhase::updateDensity ()
Member Transport::mobilityRatio (double *mobRat)
This doesn't seem to be the essential input; it should just be the mobility.
Member UnknownThermoParam::UnknownThermoParam (int thermotype)
This class is unused?
Member vcs_VolPhase::Domain_ID
remove include when UnknownVPSSMgr is removed
Member XML_Reader::inquotes (const std::string &aline) const
why is this a class method?
Member XML_Reader::strip (const std::string &aline) const
Use stripws (in stringUtils.h)