Installing on Windows

Windows installers are provided for stable versions of Cantera. These installers provide the Matlab toolbox and header/library files that can be used to compile C++ applications.

To install the Cantera Python package, see the pip or conda instructions. The Python package is required if:

  • You need to convert Chemkin-format input files to YAML

  • You need to convert legacy CTI or XML input files to YAML

Remove old versions of Cantera

  • Use The Windows "Add/Remove Programs" interface to remove previous versions of the Cantera package.

Install Cantera

  • Go to the Cantera Releases page and download Cantera-3.0.0-x64.msi.

  • Run the installer and follow the prompts.

Configure Matlab

  • Launch Matlab

  • Go to File->Set Path...

  • Select Add with Subfolders

  • Browse to the folder C:\Program Files\Cantera\matlab\toolbox

  • Select Save, then Close.

Test the installation

  • From the Matlab prompt, run:

    gas = Solution('gri30.yaml')
    h2o = Solution('liquidvapor.yaml', 'water')