Cantera 2.6.0
Todo List
Member Arrhenius2::Arrhenius2 (doublereal A, doublereal b, doublereal E)
Add deprecation warning pointing out change of activation energy units.
Class ArrheniusRate
supersedes Arrhenius2 and will replace Arrhenius after Cantera 2.6. The new behavior can be forced in self-compiled Cantera installations by defining CT_NO_LEGACY_REACTIONS_26 via the 'no_legacy_reactions' option in SCons.
Member FalloffRate::getParameters (double *params) const
deprecate; superseded by getFalloffCoeffs
Member FalloffRate::init (const vector_fp &c)
deprecate; superseded by setFalloffCoeffs
Member FalloffRate::workSize () const
deprecate; only used by legacy framework
Member HMWSoln::satPressure (doublereal T)
This is probably not implemented correctly. The stability of the salt should be added into this calculation. The underlying water model may be called to get the stability of the pure water solution, if needed.
Member InterfaceRateBase::getCoverageDependencies (AnyMap &dependencies, bool asVector=false) const
Remove vector version (which currently only serves testing purposes)
Class MolalityVPSSTP
Make two solvent minimum fractions. One would be for calculation of the non-ideal factors. The other one would be for purposes of stoichiometry evaluation. the stoichiometry evaluation one would be a 1E-13 limit. Anything less would create problems with roundoff error.
Class Phase
  • Specify that the input mole, mass, and volume fraction vectors must sum to one on entry to the set state routines. Non-conforming mole/mass fraction vectors are not thermodynamically consistent. Moreover, unless we do this, the calculation of Jacobians will be altered whenever the treatment of non- conforming mole fractions is changed. Add setState functions corresponding to specifying mole numbers, which is actually what is being done (well one of the options, there are many) when non- conforming mole fractions are input. Note, we realize that most numerical Jacobian and some analytical Jacobians use non-conforming calculations. These can easily be changed to the set mole number setState functions.
Class PlasmaPhase

Implement electron Boltzmann equation solver to solve EEDF.

Member ReactionRate::validate (const std::string &equation)
deprecate in favor of two-parameter version
Member ReactorNet::m_checked_eval_deprecation
Remove after Cantera 2.6
Member ReactorNet::m_have_deprecated_eval
Remove after Cantera 2.6
Member SriRate::getParameters (double *params) const
deprecate; superseded by getFalloffCoeffs
Member ThermoPhase::phaseOfMatter () const
Needs to be implemented for all phase types. Currently only implemented for PureFluidPhase.
Class Transport
Provide a general mechanism to store the gradients of state variables within the system.
Member TroeRate::getParameters (double *params) const
deprecate; superseded by getFalloffCoeffs
Member TsangRate::getParameters (double *params) const
deprecate; superseded by getFalloffCoeffs