Cantera  2.2.1
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base Directory Reference
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file  application.cpp [code]
file  application.h [code]
file  checkFinite.cpp [code]
 Declarations for routines that check for the presence of NaNs in the code.
file  clockWC.cpp [code]
 Definitions for a simple class that implements an Ansi C wall clock timer (see Cantera::clockWC).
file  ct2ctml.cpp [code]
 Driver for the system call to the python executable that converts cti files to ctml files (see Input File Handling).
file  ctexceptions.cpp [code]
file  ctml.cpp [code]
 Definitions for functions to read and write CTML.
file  global.cpp [code]
file  plots.cpp [code]
file  stringUtils.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for string manipulation functions within Cantera.
file  units.h [code]
 Header for units conversion utilities, which are used to translate user input from input files (See Input File Handling and class Unit).
file  ValueCache.cpp [code]
file  xml.cpp [code]
 Classes providing support for XML data files.