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Arrhenius1 Class Reference

Sum of Arrhenius terms. More...

#include <Func1.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Arrhenius1 (size_t n, doublereal *c)
 Arrhenius1 (const Arrhenius1 &b)
Arrhenius1operator= (const Arrhenius1 &right)
virtual Func1duplicate () const
 Duplicate the current function. More...
virtual doublereal eval (doublereal t) const
 Evaluate the function. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Func1
 Func1 (const Func1 &right)
Func1operator= (const Func1 &right)
virtual int ID () const
doublereal operator() (doublereal t) const
 Calls method eval to evaluate the function. More...
virtual Func1derivative () const
 Creates a derivative to the current function. More...
bool isIdentical (Func1 &other) const
 Routine to determine if two functions are the same. More...
virtual doublereal isProportional (TimesConstant1 &other)
virtual doublereal isProportional (Func1 &other)
virtual std::string write (const std::string &arg) const
doublereal c () const
 accessor function for the stored constant More...
void setC (doublereal c)
 Function to set the stored constant. More...
Func1func1 () const
 accessor function for m_f1 More...
Func1func2 () const
 accessor function for m_f2 More...
virtual int order () const
 Return the order of the function, if it makes sense. More...
Func1func1_dup () const
Func1func2_dup () const
Func1parent () const
void setParent (Func1 *p)

Protected Attributes

size_t m_n
vector_fp m_A
vector_fp m_b
vector_fp m_E
- Protected Attributes inherited from Func1
doublereal m_c

Detailed Description

Sum of Arrhenius terms.

\[ f(T) = \sum_{n=1}^N A_n T^b_n \exp(-E_n/T) \]

Definition at line 965 of file Func1.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Func1& duplicate ( ) const

Duplicate the current function.

This duplicates the current function, returning a reference to the new malloced function.

Reimplemented from Func1.

Definition at line 1000 of file Func1.h.

virtual doublereal eval ( doublereal  t) const

Evaluate the function.

Reimplemented from Func1.

Definition at line 1005 of file Func1.h.

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