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1 /**
2  * @file VPSSMgr_IdealGas.cpp
3  * Definition file for a derived class that handles the calculation
4  * of standard state thermo properties for
5  * a set of species which have an Ideal Gas dependence
6  * (see \ref thermoprops and
7  * class \link Cantera::VPSSMgr_IdealGas VPSSMgr_IdealGas\endlink).
8  */
9 /*
10  * Copyright (2005) Sandia Corporation. Under the terms of
11  * Contract DE-AC04-94AL85000 with Sandia Corporation, the
12  * U.S. Government retains certain rights in this software.
13  */
16 #include "cantera/base/ctml.h"
21 using namespace std;
23 namespace Cantera
24 {
26 VPSSMgr_IdealGas::VPSSMgr_IdealGas(VPStandardStateTP* vp_ptr, SpeciesThermo* spth) :
27  VPSSMgr(vp_ptr, spth)
28 {
31 }
34  VPSSMgr(right.m_vptp_ptr, right.m_spthermo)
35 {
38  *this = right;
39 }
42 {
43  if (&b == this) {
44  return *this;
45  }
47  return *this;
48 }
51 {
52  return new VPSSMgr_IdealGas(*this);
53 }
55 void VPSSMgr_IdealGas::getIntEnergy_RT(doublereal* urt) const
56 {
57  getEnthalpy_RT(urt);
58  for (size_t k = 0; k < m_kk; k++) {
59  urt[k] -= 1.0;
60  }
61 }
63 void VPSSMgr_IdealGas::getStandardVolumes(doublereal* vol) const
64 {
65  copy(m_Vss.begin(), m_Vss.end(), vol);
66 }
69 {
71  doublereal pp = log(m_plast / m_p0);
72  doublereal v = temperature() *GasConstant /m_plast;
74  for (size_t k = 0; k < m_kk; k++) {
75  m_hss_RT[k] = m_h0_RT[k];
76  m_cpss_R[k] = m_cp0_R[k];
77  m_sss_R[k] = m_s0_R[k] - pp;
78  m_gss_RT[k] = m_hss_RT[k] - m_sss_R[k];
79  m_Vss[k] = v;
80  }
81 }
83 void
84 VPSSMgr_IdealGas::initThermoXML(XML_Node& phaseNode, const std::string& id)
85 {
86  VPSSMgr::initThermoXML(phaseNode, id);
87 }
89 PDSS*
90 VPSSMgr_IdealGas::createInstallPDSS(size_t k, const XML_Node& speciesNode,
91  const XML_Node* const phaseNode_ptr)
92 {
93  const XML_Node* ss = speciesNode.findByName("standardState");
94  if (ss) {
95  if (ss->attrib("model") != "ideal_gas") {
96  throw CanteraError("VPSSMgr_IdealGas::createInstallPDSS",
97  "standardState model for species isn't "
98  "ideal_gas: " + speciesNode["name"]);
99  }
100  }
101  if (m_Vss.size() < k+1) {
102  m_Vss.resize(k+1, 0.0);
103  }
105  shared_ptr<SpeciesThermoInterpType> stit(
106  newSpeciesThermoInterpType(speciesNode.child("thermo")));
107  stit->validate(speciesNode["name"]);
108  m_spthermo->install_STIT(k, stit);
110  PDSS* kPDSS = new PDSS_IdealGas(m_vptp_ptr, k, speciesNode,
111  *phaseNode_ptr, true);
114  return kPDSS;
115 }
118 {
119  return cPDSS_IDEALGAS;
120 }
123 {
124  return cVPSSMGR_IDEALGAS;
125 }
127 }
doublereal temperature() const
Return the temperature stored in the object.
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:494
bool m_useTmpRefStateStorage
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:746
CTML ("Cantera Markup Language") is the variant of XML that Cantera uses to store data...
virtual void _updateStandardStateThermo()
Updates the standard state thermodynamic functions at the current T and P of the solution.
std::string attrib(const std::string &attr) const
Function returns the value of an attribute.
Definition: xml.cpp:527
SpeciesThermoInterpType * newSpeciesThermoInterpType(int type, double tlow, double thigh, double pref, const double *coeffs)
Create a new SpeciesThermoInterpType object given a corresponding constant.
vector_fp m_sss_R
Vector containing the species Standard State entropies at T = m_tlast and P = m_plast.
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:803
Virtual base class for the classes that manage the calculation of standard state properties for all t...
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:235
virtual PDSS * createInstallPDSS(size_t k, const XML_Node &speciesNode, const XML_Node *const phaseNode_ptr)
Create and install an ideal gas standard state manager for one species within this object...
VPSSMgr & operator=(const VPSSMgr &right)
Assignment operator.
Definition: VPSSMgr.cpp:61
Declaration file for a derived class that handles the calculation of standard state thermo properties...
bool m_useTmpStandardStateStorage
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:779
virtual void initThermoXML(XML_Node &phaseNode, const std::string &id)
Finalize the thermo after all species have been entered.
Definition: VPSSMgr.cpp:383
virtual PDSS_enumType reportPDSSType(int index=-1) const
This utility function reports the type of parameterization used for the species with index number ind...
size_t m_kk
Number of species in the phase.
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:711
virtual void install_STIT(size_t index, shared_ptr< SpeciesThermoInterpType > stit)=0
Install a new species thermodynamic property parameterization for one species.
Class XML_Node is a tree-based representation of the contents of an XML file.
Definition: xml.h:100
virtual VPSSMgr_enumType reportVPSSMgrType() const
This utility function reports the type of manager for the calculation of ss properties.
VPSSMgr_IdealGas & operator=(const VPSSMgr_IdealGas &right)
Assignment operator.
VPSSMgr_IdealGas(VPStandardStateTP *vp_ptr, SpeciesThermo *spth)
Basic constructor that initializes the object.
Pure Virtual base class for the species thermo manager classes.
enum for VPSSMgr types that are responsible for calculating the species standard state and reference-...
Definition: mix_defs.h:135
XML_Node & child(const size_t n) const
Return a changeable reference to the n'th child of the current node.
Definition: xml.cpp:573
Pure Virtual Base class for individual species reference state thermodynamic managers and text for th...
const XML_Node * findByName(const std::string &nm, int depth=100000) const
This routine carries out a recursive search for an XML node based on the name of the node...
Definition: xml.cpp:742
Declarations for the class PDSS_IdealGas (pressure dependent standard state) which handles calculatio...
vector_fp m_cp0_R
Vector containing the species reference constant pressure heat capacities at T = m_tlast and P = p_re...
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:758
VPStandardStateTP * m_vptp_ptr
Variable pressure ThermoPhase object.
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:714
virtual void initThermoXML(XML_Node &phaseNode, const std::string &id)
Finalize the thermo after all species have been entered.
virtual void getEnthalpy_RT(doublereal *hrt) const
Get the nondimensional Enthalpy functions for the species at their standard states at the current T a...
Definition: VPSSMgr.cpp:166
doublereal m_plast
The last pressure at which the Standard State thermodynamic properties were calculated at...
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:728
Types of PDSS's.
Definition: mix_defs.h:121
virtual doublereal refPressure(size_t k=npos) const =0
The reference-state pressure for species k.
Base class for exceptions thrown by Cantera classes.
Definition: ctexceptions.h:99
This is a filter class for ThermoPhase that implements some prepatory steps for efficiently handling ...
Variable pressures SS calculator for ideal gas phases.
Definition: mix_defs.h:138
vector_fp m_Vss
Vector containing the species standard state volumes at T = m_tlast and P = m_plast.
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:809
virtual void getIntEnergy_RT(doublereal *urt) const
Returns the vector of nondimensional internal Energies of the standard state at the current temperatu...
vector_fp m_hss_RT
Vector containing the species Standard State enthalpies at T = m_tlast and P = m_plast.
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:785
vector_fp m_cpss_R
Vector containing the species Standard State constant pressure heat capacities at T = m_tlast and P =...
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:791
vector_fp m_h0_RT
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:752
Header for factory to build instances of classes that manage the standard-state thermodynamic propert...
Virtual base class for a species with a pressure dependent standard state.
Definition: PDSS.h:193
doublereal m_p0
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:734
const doublereal GasConstant
Universal Gas Constant. [J/kmol/K].
Definition: ct_defs.h:64
A VPSSMgr where all species in the phase obey an ideal gas equation of state.
virtual VPSSMgr * duplMyselfAsVPSSMgr() const
Duplication routine for objects which derive from VPSSMgr.
SpeciesThermo * m_spthermo
Pointer to reference state thermo calculator.
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:720
Derived class for pressure dependent standard states of an ideal gas species.
Definition: PDSS_IdealGas.h:25
vector_fp m_gss_RT
Vector containing the species Standard State Gibbs functions at T = m_tlast and P = m_plast...
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:797
vector_fp m_s0_R
Vector containing the species reference entropies at T = m_tlast and P = p_ref.
Definition: VPSSMgr.h:770