Cantera  2.0
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writelog.cpp File Reference
#include <cstdio>
#include "writelog.h"
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namespace  ckr
 the namespace for the CKReader packaage


string newTask (std::string msg)
 format a string for the log file message printed when starting a new task
bool writeFalloff (int type, const vector_fp &c, std::ostream &log)
 print the falloff parameters for a pressure-dependent reaction
bool writeRateCoeff (const RateCoeff &k, std::ostream &log)
 print the rate coefficient parameters
void printReactionEquation (std::ostream &f, const Reaction &r)
 Write onto an output stream the chemical equation for a reaction.
string reactionEquation (const Reaction &r)
 Write to a string the chemical equation for a reaction.
void writeSpeciesData (std::ostream &log, const Species &spec)
 Write a summary of the properties of one species to the log file.