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thermoFunctions.h File Reference

Thermodynamic properties. More...

#include "Species.h"
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namespace  ckr
 the namespace for the CKReader packaage


double enthalpy (double t, const Species &s)
 enthalpy in Kelvin ( \( H/R \)) for one species.
double cp (double t, const Species &s)
 non-dimensional heat capacity ( \( C_p/R \)) at constant P for one species
double entropy (double t, const Species &s)
 non-dimensional entropy ( \( S/R \)) for one species
double gibbs (double t, const Species &s)
 Gibbs function in Kelvin ( \( G/R \)) for one species.

Detailed Description

Thermodynamic properties.

Note that these functions are used only for validation purposes by CKReader. They are not used by Cantera.

Definition in file thermoFunctions.h.