Cantera  2.0
FreeFlame Member List

This is the complete list of members for FreeFlame, including all inherited members.

_finalize(const doublereal *x)StFlowvirtual
_getInitialSoln(doublereal *x)StFlowinlinevirtual
append(Domain1D *right)Domain1Dinline
atol(size_t n)Domain1Dinline
cbar(const doublereal *x, size_t k, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
cdif2(const doublereal *x, size_t n, size_t j, const doublereal *f) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
checkComponentArraySize(size_t nn) const Domain1Dinline
checkComponentIndex(size_t n) const Domain1Dinline
checkPointArraySize(size_t nn) const Domain1Dinline
checkPointIndex(size_t n) const Domain1Dinline
component(const doublereal *x, size_t i, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
componentIndex(std::string name) const (defined in StFlow)StFlow
componentName(size_t n) const StFlowvirtual
conc(const doublereal *x, size_t k, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
container() const Domain1Dinline
density(size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinline
desc() (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
divHeatFlux(const doublereal *x, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
doEnergy(size_t j) (defined in StFlow)StFlowinline
Domain1D(size_t nv=1, size_t points=1, doublereal time=0.0)Domain1Dinline
doSpecies(size_t k) (defined in StFlow)StFlowinline
dTdz(const doublereal *x, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
dVdz(const doublereal *x, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
dYdz(const doublereal *x, size_t k, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
enableSoret(bool withSoret) (defined in StFlow)StFlow
eval(size_t j, doublereal *x, doublereal *r, integer *mask, doublereal rdt)FreeFlamevirtual
evalss(doublereal *x, doublereal *r, integer *mask)Domain1Dinline
firstPoint() const Domain1Dinline
fixed_mdot() (defined in FreeFlame)FreeFlameinlinevirtual
fixSpecies(size_t k=npos) (defined in StFlow)StFlowinline
fixTemperature(size_t j=npos) (defined in StFlow)StFlowinline
flowType() (defined in FreeFlame)FreeFlameinlinevirtual
flux(size_t k, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
FreeFlame(IdealGasPhase *ph=0, size_t nsp=1, size_t points=1) (defined in FreeFlame)FreeFlameinline
getTransientMask(integer *mask) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinlinevirtual
getWdot(doublereal *x, size_t j)StFlowinlineprotected
grid() (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
grid() const (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
grid(size_t point) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
id() const (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
incrementTime(doublereal dt) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
index(size_t n, size_t j) const (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
initialValue(size_t n, size_t j)Domain1Dvirtual
initTimeInteg(doublereal dt, const doublereal *x0)Domain1Dinline
integrateChem(doublereal *x, doublereal dt) (defined in StFlow)StFlow
kinetics() (defined in StFlow)StFlowinline
lambda(const doublereal *x, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
lastPoint() const Domain1Dinline
left() const Domain1Dinline
linkLeft(Domain1D *left)Domain1Dinline
linkRight(Domain1D *right)Domain1Dinline
loc(size_t j=0) const Domain1Dinlinevirtual
lowerBound(size_t n) const Domain1Dinline
m_adiabatic (defined in Domain1D)Domain1D
m_atol_ss (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_atol_ts (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_bw (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_container (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_cp (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_desc (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_diff (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_do_energy (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_do_soret (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_do_species (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_dovisc (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_dthermal (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_dz (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_enth (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_fixedtemp (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_fixedy (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_flux (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_index (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_inlet_T (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_inlet_u (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_inlet_V (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_jac (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_jstart (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_kin (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_left (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_max (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_min (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_multidiff (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_name (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_nsp (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_nv (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_ok (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_points (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_press (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_rdt (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_refiner (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_rho (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_rho_inlet (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_right (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_rtol_ss (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_rtol_ts (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_slast (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_surface_T (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_surfdot (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_tcon (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_td (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_tfix (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_tfixed (defined in Domain1D)Domain1D
m_thermo (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_time (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_trans (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_transport_option (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_type (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_visc (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_wdot (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_wt (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_wtm (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_yin (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_z (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dprotected
m_zfix (defined in StFlow)StFlowprotected
m_zfixed (defined in Domain1D)Domain1D
mindex(size_t k, size_t j, size_t m) (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
nComponents() const Domain1Dinline
nPoints() const Domain1Dinline
phase() (defined in StFlow)StFlowinline
prevSoln(size_t n, size_t j) const Domain1Dinline
residual(doublereal *x, size_t n, size_t j) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinlinevirtual
resize(size_t components, size_t points)StFlowvirtual
restore(const XML_Node &dom, doublereal *soln) (defined in StFlow)StFlowvirtual
rho_u(const doublereal *x, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
right() const Domain1Dinline
rtol(size_t n)Domain1Dinline
save(XML_Node &o, const doublereal *const sol)StFlowvirtual
setAlgebraic(size_t n) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
setBandwidth(int bw=-1) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
setBounds(size_t nl, const doublereal *lower, size_t nu, const doublereal *upper)Domain1Dinline
setBounds(size_t n, doublereal lower, doublereal upper) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
setComponentName(size_t n, std::string name) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
setComponentType(size_t n, int ctype) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
setContainer(OneDim *c, size_t index)Domain1Dinline
setDesc(const std::string &s)Domain1Dinline
setFixedPoint(int j0, doublereal t0) (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlinevirtual
setFixedTempProfile(vector_fp &zfixed, vector_fp &tfixed)StFlowinline
setGas(const doublereal *x, size_t j)StFlow
setGasAtMidpoint(const doublereal *x, size_t j)StFlow
setGrid(size_t n, const doublereal *z) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1D
setID(const std::string &s)Domain1Dinline
setInitialState(doublereal *xlocal=0) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinlinevirtual
setJac(MultiJac *jac) (defined in StFlow)StFlowvirtual
setKinetics(Kinetics &kin)StFlowinline
setMassFraction(size_t j, size_t k, doublereal y)StFlowinline
setPressure(doublereal p)StFlowinline
setProfile(std::string name, doublereal *values, doublereal *soln) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
setState(size_t point, const doublereal *state, doublereal *x)StFlowinlinevirtual
setTemperature(size_t j, doublereal t)StFlowinline
setThermo(IdealGasPhase &th)StFlowinline
setTolerances(size_t nr, const doublereal *rtol, size_t na, const doublereal *atol, int ts=0)Domain1D
setTolerances(size_t n, doublereal rtol, doublereal atol, int ts=0)Domain1D
setTolerances(doublereal rtol, doublereal atol, int ts=0)Domain1D
setTolerancesSS(doublereal rtol, doublereal atol) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1D
setTolerancesTS(doublereal rtol, doublereal atol) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1D
setTransport(Transport &trans, bool withSoret=false)StFlow
setupGrid(size_t n, const doublereal *z) (defined in StFlow)StFlowvirtual
setViscosityFlag(bool dovisc) (defined in StFlow)StFlowinline
shear(const doublereal *x, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
showSolution(const doublereal *x)StFlowvirtual
showSolution_s(std::ostream &s, const doublereal *x) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinlinevirtual
size() const (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
solveEnergyEqn(size_t j=npos) (defined in StFlow)StFlowinline
solveSpecies(size_t k=npos) (defined in StFlow)StFlowinline
StFlow(IdealGasPhase *ph=0, size_t nsp=1, size_t points=1)StFlow
T(const doublereal *x, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
T(doublereal *x, size_t j) (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
T_fixed(size_t j) const StFlowinline
T_prev(size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
time() const (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
timeDerivativeFlag(size_t n) (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
u(const doublereal *x, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
update(doublereal *x)Domain1Dinlinevirtual
updateDiffFluxes(const doublereal *x, size_t j0, size_t j1)StFlowprotected
updateThermo(const doublereal *x, size_t j0, size_t j1)StFlowinlineprotected
updateTransport(doublereal *x, size_t j0, size_t j1)StFlowprotected
upperBound(size_t n) const Domain1Dinline
V(const doublereal *x, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
V_prev(size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
value(const doublereal *x, size_t n, size_t j) const (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
wdot(size_t k, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
withSoret() const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinline
X(const doublereal *x, size_t k, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
Y(const doublereal *x, size_t k, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
Y(doublereal *x, size_t k, size_t j) (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
Y_fixed(size_t k, size_t j) const StFlowinline
Y_prev(size_t k, size_t j) const (defined in StFlow)StFlowinlineprotected
z(size_t jlocal) const (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
zmax() const (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
zmin() const (defined in Domain1D)Domain1Dinline
~FreeFlame() (defined in FreeFlame)FreeFlameinlinevirtual