Cantera  2.0
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C3 Class Reference

Handles three species in a reaction. More...

#include <StoichManager.h>

Public Member Functions

 C3 (size_t rxn=0, size_t ic0=0, size_t ic1=0, size_t ic2=0)
 C3 (const C3 &right)
C3operator= (const C3 &right)
size_t data (std::vector< size_t > &ic)
void incrementSpecies (const doublereal *R, doublereal *S) const
void decrementSpecies (const doublereal *R, doublereal *S) const
void multiply (const doublereal *S, doublereal *R) const
void incrementReaction (const doublereal *S, doublereal *R) const
void decrementReaction (const doublereal *S, doublereal *R) const
size_t rxnNumber () const
size_t speciesIndex (size_t n) const
size_t nSpecies ()
void writeMultiply (std::string r, std::map< size_t, std::string > &out)
void writeIncrementReaction (std::string r, std::map< size_t, std::string > &out)
void writeDecrementReaction (std::string r, std::map< size_t, std::string > &out)
void writeIncrementSpecies (std::string r, std::map< size_t, std::string > &out)
void writeDecrementSpecies (std::string r, std::map< size_t, std::string > &out)

Private Attributes

size_t m_rxn
size_t m_ic0
size_t m_ic1
size_t m_ic2

Detailed Description

Handles three species in a reaction.

Definition at line 354 of file StoichManager.h.

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