Cantera  2.0
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ckr_defs.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
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namespace  ckr
 the namespace for the CKReader packaage


typedef std::vector< double > vector_fp
typedef std::vector< double > vector_int


const double UNDEF = -9999.1234
Falloff Parameterizations

These constants are used to specify which falloff parameterization to use for a pressure-dependent reaction.

See Also
const int Lindemann = 0
const int Troe = 1
const int SRI = 2
Reaction Rate Types

These constant are used to specify the type of rate coefficient

const int Arrhenius = 0
const int LandauTeller = 1
const int Jan = 2
const int Fit1 = 3
Activation Energy Units

These constants specify the supported units for the activation energy of a reaction The default is to assume Cal_per_Mole for unspecified units in the activation energy as this was the original default

const int Cal_per_Mole = 1
const int Kcal_per_Mole = 2
const int Joules_per_Mole = 3
const int Kelvin = 4
const int Electron_Volts = 5
const int Kjoules_per_Mole = 6
Quantity Units

These constants define the supported units for number of molecules.

const int Moles = 100
 specify number of moles (6.023e23 molecules / mole)
const int Molecules = 101
 specify number of molecules