Cantera 2.6.0
base Directory Reference
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file  AnyMap.h [code]
file  AnyMap.inl.h [code]
file  Array.h [code]
 Header file for class Cantera::Array2D.
file  clockWC.h [code]
 Declarations for a simple class that implements an Ansi C wall clock timer (see Cantera::clockWC).
file  ct_defs.h [code]
 This file contains definitions of constants, types and terms that are used in internal routines and are unlikely to need modifying.
file  ctexceptions.h [code]
 Definitions for the classes that are thrown when Cantera experiences an error condition (also contains errorhandling module text - see Error Handling).
file  ctml.h [code]
 CTML ("Cantera Markup Language") is the variant of XML that Cantera uses to store data.
file  Delegator.h [code]
file  FactoryBase.h [code]
 File contains the FactoryBase class declarations.
file  fmt.h [code]
 Wrapper for either system-installed or local headers for fmt.
file  global.h [code]
 This file contains definitions for utility functions and text for modules, inputfiles, logs, textlogs, (see Input File Handling, Diagnostic Output, and Writing messages to the screen).
file  Interface.h [code]
file  logger.h [code]
 Header for Base class for 'loggers' that write text messages to log files (see Writing messages to the screen and class Logger).
file  NoExitLogger.h [code]
file  plots.h [code]
 Contains declarations for utility functions for outputing to plotting programs.
file  Solution.h [code]
file  stringUtils.h [code]
 Contains declarations for string manipulation functions within Cantera.
file  Units.h [code]
 Header for unit conversion utilities, which are used to translate user input from input files (See Input File Handling and class Units).
file  utilities.h [code]
 Various templated functions that carry out common vector operations (see Templated Utility Functions).
file  ValueCache.h [code]
file  xml.h [code]
 Classes providing support for XML data files.
file  YamlWriter.h [code]
 Declaration for class Cantera::YamlWriter.