Cantera  2.3.0
kinetics Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for kinetics:


file  AqueousKinetics.h [code]
file  BulkKinetics.h [code]
file  EdgeKinetics.h [code]
file  FalloffFactory.h [code]
 Parameterizations for reaction falloff functions.
file  FalloffMgr.h [code]
file  GasKinetics.h [code]
file  Group.h [code]
file  ImplicitSurfChem.h [code]
 Declarations for the implicit integration of surface site density equations (see Kinetics Managers and class ImplicitSurfChem).
file  importKinetics.h [code]
 Definitions of global routines for the importing of data from XML files (see Input File Handling).
file  InterfaceKinetics.h [code]
file  Kinetics.h [code]
 Base class for kinetics managers and also contains the kineticsmgr module documentation (see Kinetics Managers and class Kinetics).
file  KineticsFactory.h [code]
file  RateCoeffMgr.h [code]
file  Reaction.h [code]
file  reaction_defs.h [code]
 This file defines some constants used to specify reaction types.
file  ReactionPath.h [code]
 Classes for reaction path analysis.
file  RxnRates.h [code]
file  solveSP.h [code]
 Header file for implicit surface problem solver (see Chemical Kinetics and class solveSP).
file  StoichManager.h [code]
file  ThirdBodyCalc.h [code]