Cantera  2.3.0
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1 //! @file DAE_solvers.cpp Factory routine for picking the DAE solver package
3 // This file is part of Cantera. See License.txt in the top-level directory or
4 // at for license and copyright information.
6 #include "cantera/base/ct_defs.h"
10 // DAE_DEVEL is turned off at the current time
11 #define DAE_DEVEL
12 #ifdef DAE_DEVEL
14 namespace Cantera
15 {
16 DAE_Solver* newDAE_Solver(const std::string& itype, ResidJacEval& f)
17 {
18  if (itype == "IDA") {
19  return new IDA_Solver(f);
20  } else {
21  throw CanteraError("newDAE_Solver",
22  "unknown DAE solver: "+itype);
23  }
24 }
25 }
27 #endif
Wrapper for Sundials IDA solver.
Definition: IDA_Solver.h:53
This file contains definitions of terms that are used in internal routines and are unlikely to need m...
Wrappers for the function evaluators for Nonlinear solvers and Time steppers.
Definition: ResidJacEval.h:55
Header file for class DAE_Solver.
Base class for exceptions thrown by Cantera classes.
Definition: ctexceptions.h:65
DAE_Solver * newDAE_Solver(const std::string &itype, ResidJacEval &f)
Factor method for choosing a DAE solver.
Definition: DAE_solvers.cpp:16
Header file for class IDA_Solver.
Namespace for the Cantera kernel.
Definition: application.cpp:29
Wrapper for DAE solvers.
Definition: DAE_Solver.h:75