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This documentation is for an old version of Cantera. You can find docs for newer versions here.

An example demonstrating how to use Species and Reaction objects to
programmatically extract a reaction submechanism. In this example, the CO/H2
oxidation reactions are extracted from the GRI 3.0 mechanism.

To test the submechanism, a premixed CO/H2 flame is simulated using the original
mechanism and the submechanism, which demonstrates that the submechanism
contains all of the important species and reactions.

from timeit import default_timer
import cantera as ct
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

all_species = ct.Species.listFromFile('gri30.xml')
species = []

# Filter species
for S in all_species:
    comp = S.composition
    if 'C' in comp and 'H' in comp:
        # Exclude all hydrocarbon species
    if 'N' in comp and comp != {'N':2}:
        # Exclude all nitrogen compounds except for N2
    if 'Ar' in comp:
        # Exclude Argon


species_names = { for S in species}
print('Species: {0}'.format(', '.join( for S in species)))

# Filter reactions, keeping only those that only involve the selected species
all_reactions = ct.Reaction.listFromFile('gri30.xml')
reactions = []

for R in all_reactions:
    if not all(reactant in species_names for reactant in R.reactants):

    if not all(product in species_names for product in R.products):


gas1 = ct.Solution('gri30.xml')
gas2 = ct.Solution(thermo='IdealGas', kinetics='GasKinetics',
                   species=species, reactions=reactions)

def solve_flame(gas):
    gas.TPX = 373, 0.05*ct.one_atm, 'H2:0.4, CO:0.6, O2:1, N2:3.76'

    # Create the flame simulation object
    sim = ct.CounterflowPremixedFlame(gas=gas, grid=np.linspace(0.0, 0.2, 10))

    sim.reactants.mdot = 0.12 # kg/m^2/s
    sim.products.mdot = 0.06 # kg/m^2/s

    sim.flame.set_steady_tolerances(default=[1.0e-7, 1.0e-13])
    sim.flame.set_transient_tolerances(default=[1.0e-7, 1.0e-11])

    sim.energy_enabled = False
    sim.solve(0, refine_grid=False)
    sim.set_refine_criteria(ratio=3, slope=0.1, curve=0.2)
    sim.energy_enabled = True
    sim.solve(0, refine_grid=True)
    return sim

t1 = default_timer()
sim1 = solve_flame(gas1)
t2 = default_timer()
print('Solved with GRI 3.0 in {0:.2f} seconds'.format(t2-t1))
sim2 = solve_flame(gas2)
t3 = default_timer()
print('Solved with CO/H2 submechanism in {0:.2f} seconds'.format(t3-t2))

plt.plot(sim1.grid, sim1.heat_release_rate,
         lw=2, label='GRI 3.0')

plt.plot(sim2.grid, sim2.heat_release_rate,
         'r--', lw=2, label='CO/H2 submechanism')

plt.ylabel('Heat release rate ($W/m^3$)')
plt.xlabel('position (m)')
plt.legend(loc='upper right')