Cantera  2.2.1
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vcs_solve.cpp File Reference
#include "cantera/equil/vcs_solve.h"
#include "cantera/base/ctexceptions.h"
#include "cantera/base/stringUtils.h"
#include "cantera/equil/vcs_prob.h"
#include "cantera/equil/vcs_VolPhase.h"
#include "cantera/equil/vcs_species_thermo.h"
#include "cantera/base/clockWC.h"
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 Namespace for the Cantera kernel.


int vcs_timing_print_lvl = 1
 Global hook for turning on and off time printing. More...

Detailed Description

Implementation file for the internal class that holds the problem.

Definition in file vcs_solve.cpp.