Cantera  2.2.1
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equil Directory Reference
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file  ChemEquil.h [code]
 Chemical equilibrium.
file  equil.h [code]
 This file contains the definition of some high level general equilibration routines.
file  MultiPhase.h [code]
 Headers for the MultiPhase object that is used to set up multiphase equilibrium problems (see Equilibrium Solver Capability).
file  MultiPhaseEquil.h [code]
file  vcs_defs.h [code]
 Defines and definitions within the vcs package.
file  vcs_internal.h [code]
 Internal declarations for the VCSnonideal package.
file  vcs_MultiPhaseEquil.h [code]
 Interface class for the vcsnonlinear solver.
file  vcs_prob.h [code]
 Header for the Interface class for the vcs thermo equilibrium solver package,.
file  vcs_solve.h [code]
 Header file for the internal object that holds the vcs equilibrium problem (see Class VCS_SOLVE and Equilibrium Solver Capability ).
file  vcs_species_thermo.h [code]
file  vcs_SpeciesProperties.h [code]
file  vcs_VolPhase.h [code]
 Header for the object representing each phase within vcs.