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This documentation is for an old version of Cantera. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Importing Phase Objects

Cantera.importPhase(file, name='', loglevel=0, debug=0)

Import one phase from an input file. If ‘name’ is specified, the phase definition with this name will be imported, otherwise the first phase definition in the file will be imported. If ‘loglevel’ is set to a positive integer, additional information will be printed or written to log files about the details of the object constructed.

Cantera.importPhases(file, names=, []loglevel=0, debug=0)

Import multiple phases from one file. The phase names should be entered as a list of strings. See: importPhase

Cantera.importEdge(file, name='', surfaces=[])
Cantera.importInterface(file, name='', phases=[])

Import an interface definition from input file ‘file’, and return an instance of class Interface implementing this definition. If ‘name’ is specified, the definition by this name will be imported; otherwise, the first interface definition in the file will be imported.

The ‘phases’ argument is a list of objects representing the other phases that participate in the interfacial reactions, for example an object representing a gas phase or a solid.

>>> gas1, cryst1 = importPhases('diamond.cti', ['gas', 'solid'])
>>> diamond_surf = importInterface('diamond.cti', [gas1, cryst1])

Note the difference between the lists in the argument lists of these two functions. In importPhases, a list of name strings is entered, which are used to identify the appropriate definitions in the input file to build the objects. In importInterface, the list is of the objects that were built by importPhases. The reason these objects must be given as inputs is that these objects will be queried when phase properties (temperature, pressure, composition, electric potential) are needed to compute the reaction rates of progress.

Cantera.IdealGasMix(src='', id='', loglevel=0)

Return a Solution object representing an ideal gas mixture.

  • src – input file
  • id – XML id tag for phase