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Thermodynamic Properties

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This documentation is for an old version of Cantera. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Importing Phase Objects

These classes are composite representations of a substance which has thermodynamic, chemical kinetic, and (optionally) transport properties.

class cantera.Solution

Bases: cantera._cantera.ThermoPhase, cantera._cantera.Kinetics, cantera._cantera.Transport

A class for chemically-reacting solutions.

Instances can be created to represent any type of solution – a mixture of gases, a liquid solution, or a solid solution, for example.

Class Solution derives from classes ThermoPhase, Kinetics, and Transport. It defines very few methods of its own, and is provided so that a single object can be used to compute thermodynamic, kinetic, and transport properties of a solution.

class cantera.Interface

Bases: cantera._cantera.InterfacePhase, cantera._cantera.InterfaceKinetics

Two-dimensional interfaces.

Instances of class Interface represent reacting 2D interfaces between bulk 3D phases. Class Interface defines no methods of its own. All of its methods derive from either InterfacePhase or InterfaceKinetics.

class cantera.DustyGas

Bases: cantera._cantera.ThermoPhase, cantera._cantera.Kinetics, cantera._cantera.DustyGasTransport

A composite class which models a gas in a stationary, solid, porous medium.

The only transport properties computed are the multicomponent diffusion coefficients. The model does not compute viscosity or thermal conductivity.

Utility Functions


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