Cantera  2.1.2
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Writing messages to the screen
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class  Application
 Class to hold global data. More...
class  Logger
 Base class for 'loggers' that write text messages to log files. More...


void writelog (const std::string &msg)
 Write a message to the screen. More...
void setLogger (Logger *logwriter)
 Install a logger. More...
void writelogf (const char *fmt,...)
 Write a formatted message to the screen. More...

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void writelog ( const std::string &  msg)

Write a message to the screen.

The string may be of any length, and may contain end-of-line characters. This method is used throughout Cantera to write log messages. It can also be called by user programs. The advantage of using writelog over writing directly to the standard output is that messages written with writelog will display correctly even when Cantera is used from MATLAB or other application that do not have a standard output stream.

msgc++ string to be written to the screen

Definition at line 143 of file application.cpp.

Referenced by Application::writelog().

void setLogger ( Logger logwriter)

Install a logger.

Called by the language interfaces to install an appropriate logger. The logger is used for the writelog() function

logwriterPointer to a logger object
See Also

Definition at line 126 of file application.cpp.

Referenced by Application::setLogger().

void writelogf ( const char *  fmt,

Write a formatted message to the screen.

Using the printf formatting of C, write a message to the screen with variable values.

Here, we format an internal string with the correct values and then feed it into writelog().

fmtc format string for the following arguments

Definition at line 48 of file global.cpp.

References Cantera::writelog().

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