Cantera  2.1.2
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FtnTransport.h File Reference

Customizable Fortran transport manager. More...

#include "cantera/transport/TransportBase.h"
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class  FtnTransport
 A class that calls external Fortran functions to evaluate transport properties. More...


 Namespace for the Cantera kernel.


#define __VISC__   visc_
 Change these definitions to change the names of the Fortran procedures. More...
#define __BULKVISC__   bvisc_
#define __TCON__   tcon_
#define __TDIFF__   tdiff_
#define __MULTIDIFF__   multidiff_
#define __MIXDIFF__   mixdiff_
#define __SIGMA__   sigma_
#define __GETMOBILITIES__   getmobilities_


doublereal __VISC__ (doublereal *t, doublereal *p, doublereal *x)
doublereal __BULKVISC__ (doublereal *t, doublereal *p, doublereal *x)
doublereal __TCON__ (doublereal *t, doublereal *p, doublereal *x)
void __TDIFF__ (doublereal *t, doublereal *p, doublereal *x, doublereal *dt)
void __MULTIDIFF__ (doublereal *t, doublereal *p, doublereal *x, integer *ld, doublereal *d)
void __MIXDIFF__ (doublereal *t, doublereal *p, doublereal *x, doublereal *d)
void __BINDIFF__ (doublereal *t, doublereal *p, doublereal *x, integer *ld, doublereal *d)
doublereal __SIGMA__ (doublereal *t, doublereal *p, doublereal *x)
doublereal __GETMOBILITIES__ (doublereal *t, doublereal *p, doublereal *x, doublereal *mobil)

Detailed Description

Customizable Fortran transport manager.

This manager calls external Fortran functions to evaluate the transport properties. This is designed to be used to build custom transport managers in Fortran.

Definition in file FtnTransport.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __VISC__   visc_

Change these definitions to change the names of the Fortran procedures.

If you want to define more than one custom Fortran transport manager, copy this file, rename the class, and change these definitions.

The Fortran procedure names must follow the conventions of the Fortran compiler. On most unix systems, this means the names must be lowercase, and must include a trailing underscore.

Definition at line 30 of file FtnTransport.h.

Referenced by FtnTransport::viscosity().