Cantera  2.0
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rotor.h File Reference

Header file for class Rotor. More...

#include "cantera/base/ct_defs.h"
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class  Rotor
 Class Rotor represents a non-rigid quantum-mechanical rotor. More...


namespace  Cantera
 Provides class Nucleus.


doublereal hz_to_wnum (doublereal freq)
 convert from Hz to wavenmbers
doublereal wnum_to_J (doublereal w)
 Convert from wavenumbers to Joules.
doublereal J_to_wnum (doublereal e)
doublereal wnum_to_eV (doublereal w)
doublereal eV_to_wnum (doublereal e)

Detailed Description

Header file for class Rotor.

Definition in file rotor.h.