Cantera  2.0
HFC134a Member List

This is the complete list of members for HFC134a, including all inherited members.

clear_Err() (defined in Substance)Substanceinlineprotected
cp() (defined in Substance)Substanceinlinevirtual
cv() (defined in Substance)Substanceinlinevirtual
dPsdT() (defined in Substance)Substancevirtual
Err (defined in Substance)Substanceprotected
Error() (defined in Substance)Substanceinline
f() (defined in Substance)Substanceinline
formula() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134a
fp() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134a
g() (defined in Substance)Substanceinline
gp() (defined in Substance)Substanceinline
h() (defined in Substance)Substanceinline
HFC134a() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134ainline
hp() (defined in Substance)Substanceinline
ideal() (defined in Substance)Substanceinlineprotectedvirtual
isothermalCompressibility() (defined in Substance)Substanceinlinevirtual
ldens() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134aprivate
Lever(int itp, double sat, double val, int ifunc) (defined in Substance)Substanceprotected
m_energy_offset (defined in Substance)Substanceprotected
m_entropy_offset (defined in Substance)Substanceprotected
m_formula (defined in Substance)Substanceprotected
m_name (defined in Substance)Substanceprotected
MolWt() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134a
name() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134a
P() (defined in Substance)Substance
Pcrit() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134a
Pp() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134a
prop(int ijob) (defined in Substance)Substance
Ps() (defined in Substance)Substance
Psat() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134a
Pst (defined in Substance)Substanceprotected
Rhf (defined in Substance)Substanceprotected
Rho (defined in Substance)Substanceprotected
Rhv (defined in Substance)Substanceprotected
s() (defined in Substance)Substanceinline
Set(int XY, double x0, double y0) (defined in Substance)Substance
set_Err(int ErrFlag) (defined in Substance)Substanceinlineprotected
Set_meta(double phase, double pp) (defined in Substance)Substance
set_TPp(double t0, double p0) (defined in Substance)Substance
setStdState(double h0=0.0, double s0=0.0, double t0=298.15, double p0=1.01325e5) (defined in Substance)Substanceinline
sp() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134ainline
Substance() (defined in Substance)Substance
T (defined in Substance)Substanceprotected
Tcrit() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134a
Temp() (defined in Substance)Substanceinline
thermalExpansionCoeff() (defined in Substance)Substanceinlinevirtual
Tmax() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134a
Tmin() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134a
Tsat(double p) (defined in Substance)Substance
Tslast (defined in Substance)Substanceprotected
TwoPhase() (defined in Substance)Substance
u() (defined in Substance)Substanceinline
up() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134a
update_sat() (defined in Substance)Substanceprotected
v() (defined in Substance)Substanceinline
Vcrit() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134a
vp() (defined in Substance)Substanceinlineprotected
x() (defined in Substance)Substance
~HFC134a() (defined in HFC134a)HFC134ainline
~Substance() (defined in Substance)Substanceinlinevirtual