Cantera  2.0
Sim1D Member List

This is the complete list of members for Sim1D, including all inherited members.

addDomain(Domain1D *d)OneDim
bandwidth() const OneDiminline
checkDomainArraySize(size_t nn) const OneDiminline
checkDomainIndex(size_t n) const OneDiminline
domain(size_t i) const OneDiminline
domainIndex(std::string name) (defined in OneDim)OneDim
eval(doublereal rdt=-1.0, int count=1) (defined in Sim1D)Sim1Dinline
Cantera::OneDim::eval(size_t j, double *x, double *r, doublereal rdt=-1.0, int count=1)OneDim
evalSSJacobian() (defined in Sim1D)Sim1D
evalSSJacobian(doublereal *x, doublereal *xnew) (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
getInitialSoln() (defined in Sim1D)Sim1D
initTimeInteg(doublereal dt, doublereal *x)OneDim
jacobian(int i, int j) (defined in Sim1D)Sim1D
loc(size_t jg)OneDiminline
m_bulk (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_bw (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_connect (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_dom (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_init (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_jac (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_jac_ok (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_loc (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_mask (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_newt (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_nvars (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_pts (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_rdt (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_size (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_solve_time (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_ss_jac_age (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_steps (defined in Sim1D)Sim1Dprotected
m_tfactor (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_tmax (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_tmin (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_ts_jac_age (defined in OneDim)OneDimprotected
m_tstep (defined in Sim1D)Sim1Dprotected
m_x (defined in Sim1D)Sim1Dprotected
m_xnew (defined in Sim1D)Sim1Dprotected
nDomains() const OneDiminline
newtonSolve(int loglevel)Sim1Dprivate
nVars(size_t jg)OneDiminline
OneDim(std::vector< Domain1D * > domains)OneDim
pointDomain(size_t i)OneDim
rdt() const OneDiminline
refine(int loglevel=0)Sim1D
restore(std::string fname, std::string id)Sim1D
save(std::string fname, std::string id, std::string desc) (defined in Sim1D)Sim1D
save(std::string fname, std::string id, std::string desc, doublereal *sol) (defined in OneDim)OneDim
setAdiabaticFlame(void) (defined in Sim1D)Sim1D
setFixedTemperature(doublereal t)Sim1D
setFlatProfile(size_t dom, size_t comp, doublereal v)Sim1D
setGridMin(int dom, double gridmin)Sim1D
setInitialGuess(std::string component, vector_fp &locs, vector_fp &vals)Sim1D
setJacAge(int ss_age, int ts_age=-1) (defined in OneDim)OneDiminline
setMaxGridPoints(int dom=-1, int npoints=300) (defined in Sim1D)Sim1D
setMaxTimeStep(doublereal tmax) (defined in OneDim)OneDiminline
setMinTimeStep(doublereal tmin) (defined in OneDim)OneDiminline
setProfile(size_t dom, size_t comp, const vector_fp &pos, const vector_fp &values)Sim1D
setRefineCriteria(int dom=-1, doublereal ratio=10.0, doublereal slope=0.8, doublereal curve=0.8, doublereal prune=-0.1)Sim1D
setSolution(const doublereal *soln) (defined in Sim1D)Sim1Dinline
setTimeStep(doublereal stepsize, size_t n, integer *tsteps) (defined in Sim1D)Sim1D
setTimeStepFactor(doublereal tfactor) (defined in OneDim)OneDiminline
setValue(size_t dom, size_t comp, size_t localPoint, doublereal value)Sim1D
showSolution(std::ostream &s)Sim1D
showSolution() (defined in Sim1D)Sim1D
Sim1D(std::vector< Domain1D * > &domains)Sim1D
size() const OneDiminline
solution() (defined in Sim1D)Sim1Dinline
solution() const (defined in Sim1D)Sim1Dinline
solve(int loglevel=0, bool refine_grid=true) (defined in Sim1D)Sim1D
Cantera::OneDim::solve(doublereal *x0, doublereal *x1, int loglevel)OneDim
ssnorm(doublereal *x, doublereal *r)OneDim
start(size_t i) const OneDiminline
steady() const OneDiminline
timeStep(int nsteps, double dt, double *x, double *r, int loglevel)OneDim
transient() const OneDiminline
transientMask() (defined in OneDim)OneDiminline
value(size_t dom, size_t comp, size_t localPoint) const Sim1D
workValue(size_t dom, size_t comp, size_t localPoint) const (defined in Sim1D)Sim1D
writeStats(int printTime=1)OneDim