Cantera  2.0
Rotor Member List

This is the complete list of members for Rotor, including all inherited members.

degeneracy(int J)Rotor
energy_w(int J)Rotor
frequency(int J_lower, int J_upper)Rotor
intensity(int J_lower, int J_upper, doublereal T)Rotor
m_Bv (defined in Rotor)Rotorprotected
m_dipole (defined in Rotor)Rotorprotected
m_Dv (defined in Rotor)Rotorprotected
m_Hv (defined in Rotor)Rotorprotected
partitionFunction(doublereal T, int cutoff=-1)Rotor
population(int J, doublereal T) (defined in Rotor)Rotorinline
relPopulation(int J, doublereal T)Rotor
Rotor(doublereal Bv, doublereal dipoleMoment=0.0, doublereal Dv=0.0, doublereal Hv=0.0)Rotor