GSoC 2019 Third Blog

GSoC Third Blog — Function update

As we planned after the first evaluation, the functionality of ChemCheck should be more robust. File replacement was added, and users are able to update and delete files arbitrarily.

The page looks like this:

Updated Detail Page

Updated Detail Page

The delete button leads to a delete page, which will delete files in both the database and the directory.

Delete Page

Delete Page

In the update page, users can either replace their files or delete it by checking “clear”.

Update Page

Update Page

In addition to these, new features ChemCheck can provide the traceback message instead of only one line error.

Error Page

Error Page

An editing function is also included:

Editor Page

Editor Page

Next Steps

I am working toward catching logging messages to make the error understandable and making the error page look nicer. Also, I will improve editing function (adding download function in editor page, and change highlight settings of ace editor). After that, I will test different defective mechanism files and providing fix suggestions.