Compiling Cantera from Source

Compiling Cantera from source code uses the SCons build system and a C/C++ compiler. If you also want to build the Python, Matlab, or Fortran interfaces, you'll need Cython + Numpy, Matlab, or a Fortran compiler installed, respectively. Specific instructions to install these things are platform-dependent, and more detail is provided in the sections linked below.


First, make sure you have all of the compilation requirements installed.

Then, obtain a copy of the Cantera source code directly from the main version control repository on GitHub via the command

git clone --recursive
cd cantera
git checkout 3.0

which clones the code into a folder called cantera and changes into that directory. At this point, you can run

scons help --options

to see a list of all of the configuration options, including their defaults. On *nix-type systems, the defaults will usually pick up the appropriate compilers and Python versions. The command

scons build

will build Cantera using all the default options; additional options can be specified by

scons build option=value option=value

Installing Cantera into the default directories is done by

scons install

which may require super-user permissions if the installation directory is protected.

Compiling Cantera from Source: The Detailed Way

If you want or need more detail, the following sections go into depth on all of the options and requirements to build Cantera from source.