Index of Fortran Examples

This is an index of the Fortran examples included with Cantera.


This example shows how to implement subroutines that emulate those

of the Chemkin CKLIB library. This may be useful to port an existing Chemkin-based application to Cantera. As shown here, the subroutine names begin with 'ct' instead of 'ck', so that Cantera and CKLIB subroutines can be both used in an application, if desired. It is also possible to rename these subroutines with the 'ck' prefix if the application is not linked to the Chemkin CKLIB library. In this case, application programs do not need to be modified or recompiled - they only need to be relinked.

Replace this sample main program with your program

This program uses functions defined in demo_ftnlib.cpp to create an ideal gas mixture and print some of its properties.

A simple Fortran 77 interface

This file is an example of how to write an interface to use Cantera in Fortran 77 programs. The basic idea is to store pointers to Cantera objects in global storage, and then create Fortran-callable functions that access the objects through the pointers.

Mach number vs. area for an isentropic flow. See also the Python

version of this problem in the Python demos.

This program illustrates using Cantera in Fortran 90 to compute

thermodynamic, kinetic, and transport properties of a gas mixture.