Index of C++ Examples

This is an index of the C++ examples included with Cantera.


A combustor. Two separate stream - one pure methane and the other

air, both at 300 K and 1 atm flow into an adiabatic combustor where they mix. We are interested in the steady-state burning solution. Since at 300 K no reaction will occur between methane and air, we need to use an 'igniter' to initiate the chemistry. A simple igniter is a pulsed flow of atomic hydrogen. After the igniter is turned off, the system approaches the steady burning solution."""

This demonstration program builds an object representing a

reacting gas mixture, and uses it to compute thermodynamic properties, chemical equilibrium, and transport properties.

Ignition delay calculation with OpenMP. This example shows how to use OpenMP

to run multiple reactor network calculations in parallel by using separate Cantera objects for each thread.