Cantera 2.2.0

Published on June 5, 2015 | Full release on Github

New major version. Highlights include:

  • Reformulated multicomponent diffusion calculation to improve 1D solver convergence.
  • Introduction of Species and Reaction classes which can be used to construct and modify ThermoPhase / Kinetics objects on-the-fly, without necessarily using CTI/XML input files. See the new examples and
  • Better handling of CTI and XML files: Parsed CTI and XML files are cached based on modification time and file content, and implicit conversions are done without generating .xml files. Phases can be imported directly from XML or CTI strings. Both CTI and XML files can import species and reactions from other CTI or XML files.
  • Enable re-initialization of reactor networks, which improves efficiency for integration with CFD-like codes - see the example
  • Introduction of a simple radiation model for flames (optically thin, gray gas for CO2 and H2O) - see the example
  • Efficient sensitivity analysis of 1D flame solutions (see
  • Added strain rate calculations for diffusion flames (see and
  • Added premixed counterflow flame configuration to Python module (see
  • Allow Sundials to link to external (optimized) BLAS/LAPACK libraries.
  • Support for Sundials 2.6.
  • Updated Matlab toolbox documentation, which is included in the online HTML documentation.

Downloads available: