Cantera  3.0.0
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 Global DataGlobal data are available anywhere
 Physical ConstantsPhysical constants used by Cantera
 Global Cantera SettingsFunctions for accessing global Cantera settings
 Global Utility Functions
 String ConversionUtility functions for conversion of formatted strings
 Errors and Diagnostics
 ErrorsHandling of errors and unknown events within Cantera
 LoggingLogging and generation of diagnostic output
 WarningsWarnings raised by Cantera
 File Input/Output
 Generic ContainersGeneric containers for storing data of any type
 Input File HandlingHandling of Cantera input files
 Unit ConversionUnit conversion utilities
 SerializationClasses and functions related to serialization of Cantera objects
 Objects Representing PhasesHigh-level interface to Cantera's core objects
 Chemical Equilibrium
 Surface Problem Solver
 Surface Problem Solver Methods
 Surface Problem Bulk Phase ModeFunctionality expected from the bulk phase
 Derivative Calculations
 Chemical Kinetics
 Reactions and Reaction RatesClasses for handling reactions and reaction rates
 Arrhenius-type ParameterizationsClasses implementing the standard Arrhenius rate parameterization and derived models
 Falloff ParameterizationsClasses implementing fall-off in reaction rate constants due to intermolecular energy transfer and derived models
 Interface Rate ParameterizationsClasses implementing reaction rates that involve interfaces
 Other Reaction Rate ParameterizationsClasses implementing other reaction rate parameterizations
 Kinetics ManagersClasses implementing models for chemical kinetics
 Rate EvaluatorsThese classes are used to evaluate the rates of reactions
 StoichiometryThe classes defined here implement simple operations that are used by class Kinetics to compute things like rates of progress, species production rates, etc
 Numerical Utilities
 Templated Array and Polynomial OperationsThese are templates to perform various simple operations on arrays
 Matrix HandlingClasses and methods implementing matrix operations
 Functor ObjectsFunctors implement functions of a single variable \( f(x) \)
 Simple FunctorsSimple functors implement standard mathematical expressions with a single parameter
 Advanced FunctorsAdvanced functors implement expressions that require multiple parameters
 Compound FunctorsCompound functors implement expressions that are composed of other functors
 Modified FunctorsModified functors implement expressions that involve one functor and a single parameter
 Helper FunctionsHelper functions detect simplifications that can be made to compound expressions
 Numerical Integration and InterpolationCollection of numerical utility functions for integration, interpolation and data fitting
 ODE and DAE Function Utilities
 One-Dimensional Reacting Flows
 BoundariesBoundaries of one-dimensional flow domains
 UtilitiesUtility classes and functions for one-dimensional problems
 Flow DomainsOne-dimensional flow domains
 Thermodynamic PropertiesThese classes are used to compute the thermodynamic properties of phases of matter
 Species Standard-State Thermodynamic PropertiesIn this module we describe Cantera's treatment of pressure dependent standard states (PDSS) objects
 Species Reference-State Thermodynamic PropertiesTo compute the thermodynamic properties of multicomponent solutions, it is necessary to know something about the thermodynamic properties of the individual species present in the solution
 Transport PropertiesThese classes provide transport properties, including diffusion coefficients, thermal conductivity, and viscosity
 Zero-Dimensional Reactor Networks
 Flow DevicesFlow device objects connect zero-dimensional reactors
 ReactorsZero-dimensional objects representing stirred reactors
 WallsZero-dimensional objects adjacent to reactors