Cantera 2.6.0
Units Member List

This is the complete list of members for Units, including all inherited members.

convertible(const Units &other) constUnits
dimension(const std::string &primary) constUnits
factor() constUnitsinline
m_current_dim (defined in Units)Unitsprivate
m_length_dim (defined in Units)Unitsprivate
m_mass_dim (defined in Units)Unitsprivate
m_quantity_dim (defined in Units)Unitsprivate
m_temperature_dim (defined in Units)Unitsprivate
m_time_dim (defined in Units)Unitsprivate
operator*=(const Units &other)Units
operator==(const Units &other) const (defined in Units)Units
pow(double exponent) constUnits
scale(double k)Unitsinlineprivate
str(bool skip_unity=true) constUnits
Units(double factor=1.0, double mass=0, double length=0, double time=0, double temperature=0, double current=0, double quantity=0)Unitsexplicit
Units(const std::string &units, bool force_unity=false)Unitsexplicit
UnitSystem (defined in Units)Unitsfriend