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AxiStagnFlow Class Reference

A class for axisymmetric stagnation flows. More...

#include <StFlow.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AxiStagnFlow (IdealGasPhase *ph=0, size_t nsp=1, size_t points=1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StFlow
 StFlow (IdealGasPhase *ph=0, size_t nsp=1, size_t points=1)
 Create a new flow domain. More...
virtual std::string componentName (size_t n) const
 Name of the nth component. May be overloaded. More...
virtual size_t componentIndex (const std::string &name) const
virtual void showSolution (const doublereal *x)
 Print the solution. More...
virtual XML_Nodesave (XML_Node &o, const doublereal *const sol)
 Save the current solution for this domain into an XML_Node. More...
virtual void restore (const XML_Node &dom, doublereal *soln, int loglevel)
 Restore the solution for this domain from an XML_Node. More...
void setFreeFlow ()
 Set flow configuration for freely-propagating flames, using an internal point with a fixed temperature as the condition to determine the inlet mass flux. More...
void setAxisymmetricFlow ()
 Set flow configuration for axisymmetric counterflow or burner-stabilized flames, using specified inlet mass fluxes. More...
virtual std::string flowType ()
 Return the type of flow domain being represented, either "Free Flame" or "Axisymmetric Stagnation". More...
void solveEnergyEqn (size_t j=npos)
void enableRadiation (bool doRadiation)
 Turn radiation on / off. More...
bool radiationEnabled () const
 Returns true if the radiation term in the energy equation is enabled. More...
void setBoundaryEmissivities (doublereal e_left, doublereal e_right)
 Set the emissivities for the boundary values. More...
void fixTemperature (size_t j=npos)
bool doEnergy (size_t j)
virtual void resize (size_t components, size_t points)
 Change the grid size. Called after grid refinement. More...
virtual void setFixedPoint (int j0, doublereal t0)
void setGas (const doublereal *x, size_t j)
 Set the gas object state to be consistent with the solution at point j. More...
void setGasAtMidpoint (const doublereal *x, size_t j)
 Set the gas state to be consistent with the solution at the midpoint between j and j + 1. More...
doublereal density (size_t j) const
virtual bool fixed_mdot ()
void setViscosityFlag (bool dovisc)
virtual void eval (size_t j, doublereal *x, doublereal *r, integer *mask, doublereal rdt)
virtual void evalRightBoundary (double *x, double *res, int *diag, double rdt)
 Evaluate all residual components at the right boundary. More...
virtual void evalContinuity (size_t j, double *x, double *r, int *diag, double rdt)
 Evaluate the residual corresponding to the continuity equation at all interior grid points. More...
size_t leftExcessSpecies () const
 Index of the species on the left boundary with the largest mass fraction. More...
size_t rightExcessSpecies () const
 Index of the species on the right boundary with the largest mass fraction. More...
virtual void setupGrid (size_t n, const doublereal *z)
 called to set up initial grid, and after grid refinement More...
virtual void resetBadValues (double *xg)
thermo_tphase ()
Kineticskinetics ()
void setThermo (IdealGasPhase &th)
 Set the thermo manager. More...
void setKinetics (Kinetics &kin)
 Set the kinetics manager. The kinetics manager must. More...
void setTransport (Transport &trans)
 set the transport manager More...
void enableSoret (bool withSoret)
 Enable thermal diffusion, also known as Soret diffusion. More...
bool withSoret () const
void setPressure (doublereal p)
 Set the pressure. More...
doublereal pressure () const
 The current pressure [Pa]. More...
virtual void _getInitialSoln (double *x)
 Write the initial solution estimate into array x. More...
virtual void _finalize (const doublereal *x)
 In some cases, a domain may need to set parameters that depend on the initial solution estimate. More...
void setFixedTempProfile (vector_fp &zfixed, vector_fp &tfixed)
 Sometimes it is desired to carry out the simulation using a specified temperature profile, rather than computing it by solving the energy equation. More...
void setTemperature (size_t j, doublereal t)
doublereal T_fixed (size_t j) const
 The fixed temperature value at point j. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Domain1D
 Domain1D (size_t nv=1, size_t points=1, double time=0.0)
 Constructor. More...
 Domain1D (const Domain1D &)=delete
Domain1Doperator= (const Domain1D &)=delete
int domainType ()
 Domain type flag. More...
size_t domainIndex ()
 The left-to-right location of this domain. More...
bool isConnector ()
 True if the domain is a connector domain. More...
const OneDimcontainer () const
 The container holding this domain. More...
void setContainer (OneDim *c, size_t index)
 Specify the container object for this domain, and the position of this domain in the list. More...
void setBandwidth (int bw=-1)
 Set the Jacobian bandwidth. See the discussion of method bandwidth(). More...
size_t bandwidth ()
 Set the Jacobian bandwidth for this domain. More...
virtual void init ()
virtual void setInitialState (doublereal *xlocal=0)
virtual void setState (size_t point, const doublereal *state, doublereal *x)
Refinerrefiner ()
 Return a reference to the grid refiner. More...
size_t nComponents () const
 Number of components at each grid point. More...
void checkComponentIndex (size_t n) const
 Check that the specified component index is in range. More...
void checkComponentArraySize (size_t nn) const
 Check that an array size is at least nComponents(). More...
size_t nPoints () const
 Number of grid points in this domain. More...
void checkPointIndex (size_t n) const
 Check that the specified point index is in range. More...
void checkPointArraySize (size_t nn) const
 Check that an array size is at least nPoints(). More...
void setComponentName (size_t n, const std::string &name)
size_t componentIndex (const std::string &name) const
 index of component with name name. More...
void setBounds (size_t n, doublereal lower, doublereal upper)
void setTransientTolerances (doublereal rtol, doublereal atol, size_t n=npos)
 Set tolerances for time-stepping mode. More...
void setSteadyTolerances (doublereal rtol, doublereal atol, size_t n=npos)
 Set tolerances for steady-state mode. More...
doublereal rtol (size_t n)
 Relative tolerance of the nth component. More...
doublereal atol (size_t n)
 Absolute tolerance of the nth component. More...
double steady_rtol (size_t n)
 Steady relative tolerance of the nth component. More...
double steady_atol (size_t n)
 Steady absolute tolerance of the nth component. More...
double transient_rtol (size_t n)
 Transient relative tolerance of the nth component. More...
double transient_atol (size_t n)
 Transient absolute tolerance of the nth component. More...
doublereal upperBound (size_t n) const
 Upper bound on the nth component. More...
doublereal lowerBound (size_t n) const
 Lower bound on the nth component. More...
void initTimeInteg (doublereal dt, const doublereal *x0)
 Prepare to do time stepping with time step dt. More...
void setSteadyMode ()
 Prepare to solve the steady-state problem. More...
bool steady ()
 True if in steady-state mode. More...
bool transient ()
 True if not in steady-state mode. More...
void needJacUpdate ()
size_t index (size_t n, size_t j) const
doublereal value (const doublereal *x, size_t n, size_t j) const
virtual void setJac (MultiJac *jac)
size_t size () const
void locate ()
 Find the index of the first grid point in this domain, and the start of its variables in the global solution vector. More...
virtual size_t loc (size_t j=0) const
 Location of the start of the local solution vector in the global solution vector,. More...
size_t firstPoint () const
 The index of the first (i.e., left-most) grid point belonging to this domain. More...
size_t lastPoint () const
 The index of the last (i.e., right-most) grid point belonging to this domain. More...
void linkLeft (Domain1D *left)
 Set the left neighbor to domain 'left. More...
void linkRight (Domain1D *right)
 Set the right neighbor to domain 'right.'. More...
void append (Domain1D *right)
 Append domain 'right' to this one, and update all links. More...
Domain1Dleft () const
 Return a pointer to the left neighbor. More...
Domain1Dright () const
 Return a pointer to the right neighbor. More...
double prevSoln (size_t n, size_t j) const
 Value of component n at point j in the previous solution. More...
void setID (const std::string &s)
 Specify an identifying tag for this domain. More...
std::string id () const
virtual void showSolution_s (std::ostream &s, const doublereal *x)
doublereal z (size_t jlocal) const
doublereal zmin () const
doublereal zmax () const
void setProfile (const std::string &name, double *values, double *soln)
vector_fpgrid ()
const vector_fpgrid () const
doublereal grid (size_t point) const
virtual doublereal initialValue (size_t n, size_t j)
 Initial value of solution component n at grid point j. More...
void forceFullUpdate (bool update)
 In some cases, for computational efficiency some properties (e.g. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from StFlow
double m_zfixed
 Location of the point where temperature is fixed. More...
double m_tfixed
 Temperature at the point used to fix the flame location. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StFlow
doublereal wdot (size_t k, size_t j) const
void getWdot (doublereal *x, size_t j)
 Write the net production rates at point j into array m_wdot More...
virtual void updateProperties (size_t jg, double *x, size_t jmin, size_t jmax)
 Update the properties (thermo, transport, and diffusion flux). More...
virtual void evalResidual (double *x, double *rsd, int *diag, double rdt, size_t jmin, size_t jmax)
 Evaluate the residual function. More...
void updateThermo (const doublereal *x, size_t j0, size_t j1)
 Update the thermodynamic properties from point j0 to point j1 (inclusive), based on solution x. More...
doublereal shear (const doublereal *x, size_t j) const
doublereal divHeatFlux (const doublereal *x, size_t j) const
size_t mindex (size_t k, size_t j, size_t m)
virtual void updateDiffFluxes (const doublereal *x, size_t j0, size_t j1)
 Update the diffusive mass fluxes. More...
virtual void updateTransport (doublereal *x, size_t j0, size_t j1)
 Update the transport properties at grid points in the range from j0 to j1, based on solution x. More...
doublereal T (const doublereal *x, size_t j) const
doublereal & T (doublereal *x, size_t j)
doublereal T_prev (size_t j) const
doublereal rho_u (const doublereal *x, size_t j) const
doublereal u (const doublereal *x, size_t j) const
doublereal V (const doublereal *x, size_t j) const
doublereal V_prev (size_t j) const
doublereal lambda (const doublereal *x, size_t j) const
doublereal Y (const doublereal *x, size_t k, size_t j) const
doublereal & Y (doublereal *x, size_t k, size_t j)
doublereal Y_prev (size_t k, size_t j) const
doublereal X (const doublereal *x, size_t k, size_t j) const
doublereal flux (size_t k, size_t j) const
doublereal dVdz (const doublereal *x, size_t j) const
doublereal dYdz (const doublereal *x, size_t k, size_t j) const
doublereal dTdz (const doublereal *x, size_t j) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from StFlow
doublereal m_press
vector_fp m_dz
vector_fp m_rho
vector_fp m_wtm
vector_fp m_wt
vector_fp m_cp
vector_fp m_visc
vector_fp m_tcon
vector_fp m_diff
vector_fp m_multidiff
Array2D m_dthermal
Array2D m_flux
Array2D m_wdot
size_t m_nsp
doublereal m_epsilon_left
doublereal m_epsilon_right
std::vector< size_t > m_kRadiating
 Indices within the ThermoPhase of the radiating species. More...
std::vector< bool > m_do_energy
bool m_do_soret
std::vector< bool > m_do_species
bool m_do_multicomponent
bool m_do_radiation
 flag for the radiative heat loss More...
vector_fp m_qdotRadiation
 radiative heat loss vector More...
vector_fp m_fixedtemp
vector_fp m_zfix
vector_fp m_tfix
size_t m_kExcessLeft
 Index of species with a large mass fraction at each boundary, for which the mass fraction may be calculated as 1 minus the sum of the other mass fractions. More...
size_t m_kExcessRight
bool m_dovisc
- Protected Attributes inherited from Domain1D
doublereal m_rdt
size_t m_nv
size_t m_points
vector_fp m_slast
vector_fp m_max
vector_fp m_min
vector_fp m_rtol_ss
vector_fp m_rtol_ts
vector_fp m_atol_ss
vector_fp m_atol_ts
vector_fp m_z
size_t m_index
int m_type
size_t m_iloc
 Starting location within the solution vector for unknowns that correspond to this domain. More...
size_t m_jstart
std::string m_id
 Identity tag for the domain. More...
std::string m_desc
std::unique_ptr< Refinerm_refiner
std::vector< std::string > m_name
int m_bw
bool m_force_full_update

Detailed Description

A class for axisymmetric stagnation flows.

To be removed after Cantera 2.4. Use class StFlow with the StFlow::setAxisymmetricFlow() method instead.

Definition at line 477 of file StFlow.h.

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