Cantera  2.3.0
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CApplicationClass to hold global data
 CApplication::MessagesClass to carry out messages
 CApplication::ThreadMessagesClass that stores thread messages for each thread, and retrieves them based on the thread id
 CArray2DA class for 2D arrays stored in column-major (Fortran-compatible) form
 CArrheniusArrhenius reaction rate type depends only on temperature
 CC1Handles one species in a reaction
 CC2Handles two species in a single reaction
 CC3Handles three species in a reaction
 CC_AnyNHandles any number of species in a reaction, including fractional stoichiometric coefficients, and arbitrary reaction orders
 CCachedValue< T >
 CChebyshevRatePressure-dependent rate expression where the rate coefficient is expressed as a bivariate Chebyshev polynomial in temperature and pressure
 CChemEquilClass ChemEquil implements a chemical equilibrium solver for single-phase solutions
 CclockWCThe class provides the wall clock timer in seconds
 CCoverageDependencyModifications to an InterfaceReaction rate based on a surface species coverage
 CDAE_SolverWrapper for DAE solvers
 CDomain1DBase class for one-dimensional domains
 CEquilOptChemical equilibrium options
 CFactoryBaseBase class for factories
 CFalloffBase class for falloff function calculators
 CFalloffMgrA falloff manager that implements any set of falloff functions
 CFlowDeviceBase class for 'flow devices' (valves, pressure regulators, etc.) connecting reactors
 CFunc1Base class for 'functor' classes that evaluate a function of one variable
 CFuncEvalVirtual base class for ODE right-hand-side function evaluators
 CGeneralMatrixGeneric matrix
 CGroupClass Group is an internal class used by class ReactionPath
 CIntegratorAbstract base class for ODE system integrators
 CInterfaceKinetics::StickDataValues used for converting sticking coefficients into rate constants
 CKineticsPublic interface for kinetics managers
 CLiquidTranInteractionBase class to handle transport property evaluation in a mixture
 CLiquidTransportDataClass LiquidTransportData holds transport parameters for a specific liquid-phase species
 CLoggerBase class for 'loggers' that write text messages to log files
 CLTPspeciesClass LTPspecies holds transport parameterizations for a specific liquid- phase species
 CMMCollisionIntCalculation of Collision integrals
 CMultiNewtonNewton iterator for multi-domain, one-dimensional problems
 CMultiPhaseA class for multiphase mixtures
 CMultiSpeciesThermoA species thermodynamic property manager for a phase
 COneDimContainer class for multiple-domain 1D problems
 CPDSSVirtual base class for a species with a pressure dependent standard state
 CPhaseClass Phase is the base class for phases of matter, managing the species and elements in a phase, as well as the independent variables of temperature, mass density, species mass/mole fraction, and other generalized forces and intrinsic properties (such as electric potential) that define the thermodynamic state
 CPlogPressure-dependent reaction rate expressed by logarithmically interpolating between Arrhenius rate expressions at various pressures
 CRate1< R >This rate coefficient manager supports one parameterization of the rate constant of any type
 CReactionIntermediate class which stores data about a reaction and its rate parameterization so that it can be added to a Kinetics object
 CReactionPathDiagramReaction path diagrams (graphs)
 CReactorBaseBase class for stirred reactors
 CRefinerRefine Domain1D grids so that profiles satisfy adaptation tolerances
 CResidDataA simple class to hold an array of parameter values and a pointer to an instance of a subclass of ResidEval
 CResidEvalVirtual base class for DAE residual function evaluators
 CRootFindRoot finder for 1D problems
 CRootFind::rfTableStructure containing the iteration history
 CsolveSPMethod to solve a pseudo steady state surface problem
 CSpeciesContains data about a single chemical species
 CSpeciesNodeNodes in reaction path graphs
 CSpeciesThermoInterpTypeAbstract Base class for the thermodynamic manager for an individual species' reference state
 CSurfaceArrheniusAn Arrhenius rate with coverage-dependent terms
 CThirdBodyA class for managing third-body efficiencies, including default values
 CThirdBodyCalcCalculate and apply third-body effects on reaction rates, including non- unity third-body efficiencies
 CtimesConstant< T >Unary operator to multiply the argument by a constant
 CTortuositySpecific Class to handle tortuosity corrections for diffusive transport in porous media using the Bruggeman exponent
 CTransportBase class for transport property managers
 CTransportDataBase class for transport data for a single species
 CTransportParamsBase structure to hold transport model parameters
 CUnitUnit conversion utility
 CVCS_COUNTERSClass to keep track of time and iterations
 Cvcs_MultiPhaseEquilCantera's Interface to the Multiphase chemical equilibrium solver
 CVCS_PROBInterface class for the vcs thermo equilibrium solver package, which generally describes the problem to be solved
 CVCS_SOLVEThis is the main structure used to hold the internal data used in vcs_solve_TP(), and to solve TP systems
 Cvcs_SpeciesPropertiesProperties of a single species
 Cvcs_VolPhasePhase information and Phase calculations for vcs
 CVPSSMgrVirtual base class for the classes that manage the calculation of standard state properties for all the species in a phase
 CWallRepresents a wall between between two ReactorBase objects
 CWaterPropsUsed to house several approximation routines for properties of water
 CWaterPropsIAPWSClass for calculating the equation of state of water
 CWaterPropsIAPWSphiLow level class for the real description of water
 CXML_NodeClass XML_Node is a tree-based representation of the contents of an XML file
 CXML_ReaderClass XML_Reader reads an XML file into an XML_Node object
 CRate1< Cantera::Arrhenius >
 CRate1< Cantera::ChebyshevRate >
 CRate1< Cantera::Plog >
 CRate1< Cantera::SurfaceArrhenius >
 CexceptionSTL class