Cantera  2.3.0
ctrpath.h File Reference
#include "clib_defs.h"
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CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_new ()
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_del (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_detailed (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_brief (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_setThreshold (int i, double v)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_setBoldColor (int i, const char *color)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_setNormalColor (int i, const char *color)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_setDashedColor (int i, const char *color)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_setDotOptions (int i, const char *opt)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_setBoldThreshold (int i, double v)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_setNormalThreshold (int i, double v)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_setLabelThreshold (int i, double v)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_setScale (int i, double v)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_setFlowType (int i, int iflow)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_setArrowWidth (int i, double v)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_setTitle (int i, const char *title)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_write (int i, int fmt, const char *fname)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_add (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_findMajor (int i, double threshold, size_t lda, double *a)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_setFont (int i, const char *font)
CANTERA_CAPI int rdiag_displayOnly (int i, int k)
CANTERA_CAPI int rbuild_new ()
CANTERA_CAPI int rbuild_del (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int rbuild_init (int i, const char *logfile, int k)
CANTERA_CAPI int rbuild_build (int i, int k, const char *el, const char *dotfile, int idiag, int iquiet)
CANTERA_CAPI int ct_clearReactionPath ()