Cantera  2.3.0
ctreactor.h File Reference
#include "clib_defs.h"
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CANTERA_CAPI int reactor_new (int type)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactor_del (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactor_setInitialVolume (int i, double v)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactor_setChemistry (int i, int cflag)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactor_setEnergy (int i, int eflag)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactor_setThermoMgr (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactor_setKineticsMgr (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI double reactor_mass (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI double reactor_volume (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI double reactor_density (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI double reactor_temperature (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI double reactor_enthalpy_mass (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI double reactor_intEnergy_mass (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI double reactor_pressure (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI double reactor_massFraction (int i, int k)
CANTERA_CAPI size_t reactor_nSensParams (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactor_addSensitivityReaction (int i, int rxn)
CANTERA_CAPI int flowReactor_setMassFlowRate (int i, double mdot)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactornet_new ()
CANTERA_CAPI int reactornet_del (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactornet_setInitialTime (int i, double t)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactornet_setMaxTimeStep (int i, double maxstep)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactornet_setTolerances (int i, double rtol, double atol)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactornet_setSensitivityTolerances (int i, double rtol, double atol)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactornet_addreactor (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactornet_advance (int i, double t)
CANTERA_CAPI double reactornet_step (int i, double t)
CANTERA_CAPI double reactornet_time (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI double reactornet_rtol (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI double reactornet_atol (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI double reactornet_sensitivity (int i, const char *v, int p, int r)
CANTERA_CAPI int flowdev_new (int type)
CANTERA_CAPI int flowdev_del (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int flowdev_install (int i, int n, int m)
CANTERA_CAPI int flowdev_setMaster (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI double flowdev_massFlowRate (int i, double time)
CANTERA_CAPI int flowdev_setMassFlowRate (int i, double mdot)
CANTERA_CAPI int flowdev_setParameters (int i, int n, const double *v)
CANTERA_CAPI int flowdev_setFunction (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI int wall_new (int type)
CANTERA_CAPI int wall_del (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int wall_install (int i, int n, int m)
CANTERA_CAPI int wall_setkinetics (int i, int n, int m)
CANTERA_CAPI double wall_vdot (int i, double t)
CANTERA_CAPI double wall_Q (int i, double t)
CANTERA_CAPI double wall_area (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int wall_setArea (int i, double v)
CANTERA_CAPI int wall_setThermalResistance (int i, double rth)
CANTERA_CAPI int wall_setHeatTransferCoeff (int i, double u)
CANTERA_CAPI int wall_setHeatFlux (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI int wall_setExpansionRateCoeff (int i, double k)
CANTERA_CAPI int wall_setVelocity (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI int wall_setEmissivity (int i, double epsilon)
CANTERA_CAPI int wall_ready (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactorsurface_new (int type)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactorsurface_del (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactorsurface_install (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactorsurface_setkinetics (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI double reactorsurface_area (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactorsurface_setArea (int i, double v)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactorsurface_addSensitivityReaction (int i, int rxn)
CANTERA_CAPI int ct_clearReactors ()