Cantera  2.3.0
ctonedim.h File Reference
#include "clib_defs.h"
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CANTERA_CAPI int ct_clearOneDim ()
CANTERA_CAPI int domain_del (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int domain_type (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI size_t domain_index (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI size_t domain_nComponents (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI size_t domain_nPoints (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int domain_componentName (int i, int n, int sz, char *nameout)
CANTERA_CAPI size_t domain_componentIndex (int i, const char *name)
CANTERA_CAPI int domain_setBounds (int i, int n, double lower, double upper)
CANTERA_CAPI double domain_lowerBound (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI double domain_upperBound (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI int domain_setSteadyTolerances (int i, int n, double rtol, double atol)
CANTERA_CAPI int domain_setTransientTolerances (int i, int n, double rtol, double atol)
CANTERA_CAPI double domain_rtol (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI double domain_atol (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI int domain_setupGrid (int i, size_t npts, const double *grid)
CANTERA_CAPI int domain_setID (int i, const char *id)
CANTERA_CAPI double domain_grid (int i, int n)
CANTERA_CAPI int bdry_setMdot (int i, double mdot)
CANTERA_CAPI int bdry_setTemperature (int i, double t)
CANTERA_CAPI int bdry_setMoleFractions (int i, const char *x)
CANTERA_CAPI double bdry_temperature (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI double bdry_massFraction (int i, int k)
CANTERA_CAPI double bdry_mdot (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactingsurf_setkineticsmgr (int i, int j)
CANTERA_CAPI int reactingsurf_enableCoverageEqs (int i, int onoff)
CANTERA_CAPI int inlet_new ()
CANTERA_CAPI int outlet_new ()
CANTERA_CAPI int outletres_new ()
CANTERA_CAPI int symm_new ()
CANTERA_CAPI int surf_new ()
CANTERA_CAPI int reactingsurf_new ()
CANTERA_CAPI int inlet_setSpreadRate (int i, double v)
CANTERA_CAPI int stflow_new (int iph, int ikin, int itr, int itype)
CANTERA_CAPI int stflow_setTransport (int i, int itr)
CANTERA_CAPI int stflow_enableSoret (int i, int iSoret)
CANTERA_CAPI int stflow_setPressure (int i, double p)
CANTERA_CAPI double stflow_pressure (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int stflow_setFixedTempProfile (int i, size_t n, const double *pos, size_t m, const double *temp)
CANTERA_CAPI int stflow_solveEnergyEqn (int i, int flag)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_new (size_t nd, const int *domains)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_del (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_setValue (int i, int dom, int comp, int localPoint, double value)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_setProfile (int i, int dom, int comp, size_t np, const double *pos, size_t nv, const double *v)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_setFlatProfile (int i, int dom, int comp, double v)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_showSolution (int i, const char *fname)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_setTimeStep (int i, double stepsize, size_t ns, const int *nsteps)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_getInitialSoln (int i)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_solve (int i, int loglevel, int refine_grid)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_refine (int i, int loglevel)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_setRefineCriteria (int i, int dom, double ratio, double slope, double curve, double prune)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_setGridMin (int i, int dom, double gridmin)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_save (int i, const char *fname, const char *id, const char *desc)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_restore (int i, const char *fname, const char *id)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_writeStats (int i, int printTime)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_domainIndex (int i, const char *name)
CANTERA_CAPI double sim1D_value (int i, int idom, int icomp, int localPoint)
CANTERA_CAPI double sim1D_workValue (int i, int idom, int icomp, int localPoint)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_eval (int i, double rdt, int count)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_setMaxJacAge (int i, int ss_age, int ts_age)
CANTERA_CAPI int sim1D_setFixedTemperature (int i, double temp)