Cantera  2.3.0
MultiNewton Member List

This is the complete list of members for MultiNewton, including all inherited members.

boundStep(const doublereal *x0, const doublereal *step0, const OneDim &r, int loglevel)MultiNewton
dampStep(const doublereal *x0, const doublereal *step0, doublereal *x1, doublereal *step1, doublereal &s1, OneDim &r, MultiJac &jac, int loglevel, bool writetitle)MultiNewton
m_elapsed (defined in MultiNewton)MultiNewtonprotected
m_maxAge (defined in MultiNewton)MultiNewtonprotected
m_stp (defined in MultiNewton)MultiNewtonprotected
m_stp1 (defined in MultiNewton)MultiNewtonprotected
MultiNewton(int sz) (defined in MultiNewton)MultiNewton
norm2(const doublereal *x, const doublereal *step, OneDim &r) constMultiNewton
resize(size_t points)MultiNewton
setOptions(int maxJacAge=5)MultiNewtoninline
size() (defined in MultiNewton)MultiNewtoninline
solve(doublereal *x0, doublereal *x1, OneDim &r, MultiJac &jac, int loglevel)MultiNewton
step(doublereal *x, doublereal *step, OneDim &r, MultiJac &jac, int loglevel)MultiNewton
~MultiNewton() (defined in MultiNewton)MultiNewtoninlinevirtual