Cantera  2.3.0
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Reaction.cpp File Reference
#include "cantera/kinetics/Reaction.h"
#include "cantera/kinetics/FalloffFactory.h"
#include "cantera/base/ctml.h"
#include "cantera/base/Array.h"
#include <sstream>
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 Namespace for the Cantera kernel.


Arrhenius readArrhenius (const XML_Node &arrhenius_node)
void readFalloff (FalloffReaction &R, const XML_Node &rc_node)
 Parse falloff parameters, given a rateCoeff node. More...
void readEfficiencies (ThirdBody &tbody, const XML_Node &rc_node)
void setupReaction (Reaction &R, const XML_Node &rxn_node)
void setupElementaryReaction (ElementaryReaction &R, const XML_Node &rxn_node)
void setupThreeBodyReaction (ThreeBodyReaction &R, const XML_Node &rxn_node)
void setupFalloffReaction (FalloffReaction &R, const XML_Node &rxn_node)
void setupChemicallyActivatedReaction (ChemicallyActivatedReaction &R, const XML_Node &rxn_node)
void setupPlogReaction (PlogReaction &R, const XML_Node &rxn_node)
void setupChebyshevReaction (ChebyshevReaction &R, const XML_Node &rxn_node)
void setupInterfaceReaction (InterfaceReaction &R, const XML_Node &rxn_node)
void setupElectrochemicalReaction (ElectrochemicalReaction &R, const XML_Node &rxn_node)
shared_ptr< Reaction > newReaction (const XML_Node &rxn_node)
 Create a new Reaction object for the reaction defined in rxn_node More...
std::vector< shared_ptr< Reaction > > getReactions (const XML_Node &node)
 Create Reaction objects for all <reaction> nodes in an XML document. More...