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This documentation is for an old version of Cantera. You can find docs for newer versions here.

An equilibrium example with charged species in the gas phase
and multiple condensed phases.

import cantera as ct
import csv

# create objects representing the gas phase and the condensed phases. The gas
# is a mixture of multiple species, and the condensed phases are all modeled
# as incompressible stoichiometric substances. See file KOH.cti for more
# information.
phases = ct.import_phases('KOH.cti', ['K_solid', 'K_liquid', 'KOH_a', 'KOH_b',
                                      'KOH_liquid', 'K2O2_solid', 'K2O_solid',
                                      'KO2_solid', 'ice', 'liquid_water',

# create the Mixture object from the list of phases
mix = ct.Mixture(phases)

csvfile = open('equil_koh.csv', 'w')
writer = csv.writer(csvfile)
writer.writerow(['T'] + mix.species_names)

# loop over temperature
for n in range(100):
    t = 350.0 + 50.0*n
    print('T = {0}'.format(t))
    mix.T = t
    mix.P = ct.one_atm
    mix.species_moles = "K:1.03, H2:2.12, O2:0.9"

    # set the mixture to a state of chemical equilibrium holding
    # temperature and pressure fixed
    # mix.equilibrate("TP",maxsteps=10000,loglevel=1)
    mix.equilibrate("TP", max_steps=10000, log_level=0)

    # write out the moles of each species
    writer.writerow([t] + list(mix.species_moles))