Cantera  2.1.2
ResidEval Member List

This is the complete list of members for ResidEval, including all inherited members.

constrain(const int k, const int flag)ResidEvalinlinevirtual
constraint(const int k) const (defined in ResidEval)ResidEvalinline
eval(const doublereal t, const doublereal *const y, const doublereal *const ydot, doublereal *const r)ResidEvalinlinevirtual
evalSimpleTD(const doublereal t, const doublereal *const y, const doublereal *const yold, doublereal deltaT, doublereal *const r) (defined in ResidEval)ResidEvalinlinevirtual
evalSS(const doublereal t, const doublereal *const y, doublereal *const r) (defined in ResidEval)ResidEvalinlinevirtual
getInitialConditions(const doublereal t0, doublereal *const y, doublereal *const ydot)ResidEvalinlinevirtual
isAlgebraic(const int k) (defined in ResidEval)ResidEvalinlinevirtual
m_constrain (defined in ResidEval)ResidEvalprotected
nEquations() const =0ResidEvalpure virtual
nparams() const ResidEvalinline
ResidEval() (defined in ResidEval)ResidEvalinline
setAlgebraic(const int k)ResidEvalinlinevirtual
writeSolution(int ievent, const double time, const double deltaT, const int time_step_num, const double *y, const double *ydot)ResidEvalinlinevirtual
~ResidEval() (defined in ResidEval)ResidEvalinlinevirtual