Cantera  2.1.2
Gaussian Member List

This is the complete list of members for Gaussian, including all inherited members.

c() const Func1
derivative() const Func1virtual
duplicate() const Gaussianinlinevirtual
eval(doublereal t) const Gaussianinlinevirtual
func1() const Func1
Func1() (defined in Func1)Func1
Func1(const Func1 &right) (defined in Func1)Func1
func1_dup() const (defined in Func1)Func1
func2() const Func1
func2_dup() const (defined in Func1)Func1
Gaussian(double A, double t0, double fwhm) (defined in Gaussian)Gaussianinline
Gaussian(const Gaussian &b) (defined in Gaussian)Gaussianinline
ID() const (defined in Func1)Func1virtual
isIdentical(Func1 &other) const Func1
isProportional(TimesConstant1 &other) (defined in Func1)Func1virtual
isProportional(Func1 &other) (defined in Func1)Func1virtual
m_A (defined in Gaussian)Gaussianprotected
m_c (defined in Func1)Func1protected
m_f1 (defined in Func1)Func1protected
m_f2 (defined in Func1)Func1protected
m_parent (defined in Func1)Func1protected
m_t0 (defined in Gaussian)Gaussianprotected
m_tau (defined in Gaussian)Gaussianprotected
operator()(doublereal t) const Func1
operator=(const Gaussian &right) (defined in Gaussian)Gaussianinline
operator=(const Func1 &right) (defined in Func1)Func1
order() const Func1virtual
parent() const (defined in Func1)Func1
setC(doublereal c)Func1
setParent(Func1 *p) (defined in Func1)Func1
write(const std::string &arg) const (defined in Func1)Func1virtual
~Func1() (defined in Func1)Func1virtual