Cantera  2.1.2
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BEulerInt.cpp File Reference
#include "cantera/numerics/BEulerInt.h"
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 Namespace for the Cantera kernel.


static void print_line (const char *str, int n)
static void print_time_step1 (int order, int n_time_step, double time, double delta_t_n, double delta_t_nm1, bool step_failed, int num_failures)
static void print_time_step2 (int time_step_num, int order, double time, double time_error_factor, double delta_t_n, double delta_t_np1)
static void print_time_fail (bool convFailure, int time_step_num, double time, double delta_t_n, double delta_t_np1, double time_error_factor)
static void print_final (double time, int step_failed, int time_step_num, int num_newt_its, int total_linear_solves, int numConvFails, int numTruncFails, int nfe, int nJacEval)
static void print_lvl1_Header (int nTimes)
static void print_lvl1_summary (int time_step_num, double time, const char *rslt, double delta_t_n, int newt_its, int aztec_its, int bktr_stps, double time_error_factor, const char *comment)
double subtractRD (doublereal a, doublereal b)
 This routine subtracts two numbers for one another. More...


const double DampFactor = 4
 Dampfactor is the factor by which the damping factor is reduced by when a reduction in step length is warranted. More...
const int NDAMP = 10
 Number of damping steps that are carried out before the solution is deemed a failure. More...