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This documentation is for an old version of Cantera. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Physical Constants

Physical Constants

These values are the same as those in the C++ header file ct_defs.h in the Cantera kernel.

Cantera.constants.Avogadro = 6.02214129e+26

Avogadro’s Number, /kmol

Cantera.constants.Boltzmann = 1.3806487924497037e-23

Boltzmann-s constant

Cantera.constants.ElectronCharge = 1.602176565e-19

The charge on an electron (C)

Cantera.constants.ElectronMass = 9.10938291e-31

The mass of an electron (kg)

Cantera.constants.Faraday = 96485336.4595687

Faraday’s constant, C/kmol

Cantera.constants.GasConst_cal_mol_K = 1.9872041347992353

The ideal gas constant in cal/mol-K

Cantera.constants.GasConstant = 8314.4621

The ideal gas constant in J/kmo-K

Cantera.constants.OneAtm = 101325.0

One atmosphere in Pascals

Cantera.constants.Planck = 6.62607009e-34

Planck’s constant (J/s)

Cantera.constants.StefanBoltz = 5.670373e-08

The Stefan-Boltzmann constant, W/m^2K^4

Cantera.constants.epsilon_0 = 8.854187817620389e-12

Permittivity of free space

Cantera.constants.lightSpeed = 299792458.0

Speed of Light (m/s).

Cantera.constants.permeability_0 = 1.2566370614359173e-06

Permeability of free space \(\mu_0\) in N/A^2.