Affiliated Packages

Packages in the Cantera ecosystem

While Cantera provides some standalone models and applications, numerous external packages exist that provide more specialized functionality and rely on Cantera. Here we provide a non-exhaustive, alphabetical, list of these packages; if you would like us to include your package, please submit a pull request, file an issue, or post on the Google Users' Group.

Arrhenius.jl: differential combustion modeling software in Julia.

Maintainer(s): Weiqi Ji

ASALI: graphical user interface for calculating properties using Cantera.

Maintainer(s): Stefano Rebughini

BIOVIA Materials Studio: commercial modeling and simulation software for materials science and chemistry.

CollectionOfMechanisms: a hub for combustion reaction mechanisms including converted Cantera XML and YAML based mechanisms.

Maintainer(s): Weiqi Ji, Jeff Santner

ctwrap: a light-weight Python wrapper facilitating batch simulations.

Maintainer(s): Ingmar Schoegl

Ember: a quasi-one-dimensional, unsteady reacting flow solver that can simulate a number of fundamental flame configurations: premixed laminar flames, opposed-flow strained flames (premixed or diffusion), axisymmetric (tubular) flames with positive or negative curvature, and steady 2D flames in a prescribed velocity field.

Maintainer(s): Ray Speth

Frhodo: a GUI-based application for simulating experimental data and optimizing chemical kinetics mechanisms.

Maintainer(s): Travis Sikes, Robert Tranter

gas-properties: a python GUI for calculating properties of gases, equilibrium states, and isentropic compression. Similar to unsupported GasEQ software.

Maintainer(s): Jeff Santner

PoKITT: a library for Portable Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and Transport calculations.

Maintainer(s): James Sutherland

pyJac: generates C and CUDA source code for analytically calculating the Jacobian matrix for a chemical kinetic model, along with species and reaction rates.

Maintainer(s): Nick Curtis, Kyle Niemeyer

pyMARS: Python-based (chemical kinetic) Model Automatic Reduction Software (pyMARS) implements multiple techniques for reducing the size and complexity of detailed chemical kinetic models.

Maintainer(s): Phillip Mestas, Kyle Niemeyer

reactorch: A Differentiable Reacting Flow Simulation Package in PyTorch.

Maintainer(s): Weiqi Ji

RGFROSH: A Python real and ideal gas frozen shock solver.

Maintainer(s): Cory Kinney

RMG: Reaction Mechanism Generator, a tool for automatically generating chemical reaction mechanisms for modeling reaction systems including pyrolysis, combustion, atmospheric science, and more.

Maintainer(s): William Green, Richard West

SDToolbox: the Shock & Detonation Toolbox enables the solution of standard problems for gas-phase explosions using realistic thermochemistry and detailed chemical kinetics.

Maintainer(s): Joseph E. Shepherd

ChemCheck: A tool to help Cantera users to detect chemical and syntax errors in kinetic models

Maintainer(s): Chao Xu, Richard West